Jake Bugg: This Generation’s Prodigal Troubador


Colin Bean, Social Media Director

Smoothly transitioning from the serene Bob Dylanesque melody of his song “Country Song” to the aggressively bluesy tune “Slumville Sunrise,” a crowd of thousands of young Brits chant his name. Surprisingly, this is not a scene from a 1960s folk festival, but rather the T in the Park Music Festival in 2013, with 18 year-old wunderkind Jake Bugg.

Unexplainably talented and accomplished for his age, Bugg is riding the wave created by other current folk bands like Mumford & Sons and even one-upping them. Although yet to establish a huge international following, Bugg has the unbelievable ability to channel feelings reminiscent of the first time you heard “Blowin’ in the Wind.”  Bugg combines his beautifully homey voice with the attitude and picking style of a British Johnny Cash on some tracks, in a way that makes it hard to believe his songs are not 60s folk rock staples.

Currently crafting his third album and coming off a sold out tour with the Black Keys, the melodist from Nottingham is soon to reach his well-deserved stardom.