Janitors Deserve Respect


Ashley Logan

Students leave behind trash all over campus.

Ashley Logan, Editor-in-Chief

The bell sounds the end of lunch and students rush to pack up their belongings and head to class. As the quad is quickly evacuated, trash can be seen all over the tables and grass. If only there was some sort of bin that we could use to dispose of our waste… Trash cans and recycling bins are located all over campus but for some reason we refuse to walk the few feet it takes to get to one.

The next day the quad is magically cleaned up and we go about our regular routine and continuously neglect the use of trash cans. The part of this “magical” cycle that many students do not acknowledge, is the back-aching work that the janitors put in to clean up our mess. Where is the Mat’s pride in this? Don’t we want our campus to positively reflect our school?

President of the Environmental Club, Sam Shain addresses the littering problem on campus. “The quad and area surrounding it look, to put it politically correct, disgusting after lunch. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if the custodians didn’t pick up after us; would anyone care or would we just continue coexisting in this common area until it became a pigsty…?” Shain said.

This behaviour is not only a sign of laziness, but also of disrespect to the people who work hard to keep our campus clean. It is ridiculous that we are not capable of picking up after ourselves and we have to rely on others to dispose of our wrappers, leftover food, napkins, etc. “You don’t have to care about the environment, you don’t have to recycle if you don’t want, but for Pete’s sake, please develop some manners and act like a Matador,” Shain said.

Littering is not the only problem Miramonte has in regards to respecting its janitors. When a janitor is late to open the doors of the cafeteria for lunch, the awaiting crowd yells and bangs on the door impatiently. Once the doors are opened, the janitor is pushed back by this mass of students charging towards the lunch lines. No one stops to thank him or acknowledge his work.

The janitors do not in any way deserve this kind of treatment. For all that they do for our school, the least we can do in return is to pick up our own trash and thank them for their hard work. “Some people think this task is almost impossible. The truth is, it could be accomplished in under an hour. We simply have to pick up after ourselves. And then, without the messes left behind by students, custodians could instead devote their time to picking up trash that has fallen out of cans, been blown away, etc. and that is strewn in remote areas of campus,” Shain said. Show your Mat’s pride by picking up your trash and thanking a janitor the next time you see one.