Matadors Attend Outside Lands


Brigid Berndt, Entertainment Editor

As the gates opened on August 5th, hordes of edgy high schoolers and young adults flooded into Golden Gate Park. The anticipation of waiting for the concert since the spring has ended.

Since 2008, people from the Bay Area and beyond have been attending Outside Lands, a three day festival with a wide variety of performers, whether it’s the newest up-and-coming artist or a well known headliner. Each year, around 70,000 people come to listen to the music performed at the four main stages: Lands End, Sutro, Twin Peaks, and Panhandle.

Some of this summer’s most popular performers were J Cole, Major Lazer, Zedd, Chance the Rapper, Lana Del Rey, Kehlani and Halsey.  

The biggest hit on Friday was definitely J Cole. People waited at the Twin Peaks stage through the other shows in order to be up close for his performance. “My favorite performance was definitely J Cole. I’ve been a long time fan of his and it was an amazing experience to see him live,” senior Liam Madsen explained. “Something special about his set was that he performed some of his songs off of Cole World, one of his older albums. I listened to this album religiously and knew all of the lyrics. It was an awesome feeling for him to recognize all of the people that knew the lyrics to his old songs and call us out for being day ones.”

The most Miramonte snapchat storied performer on Saturday was Zedd, a German Electronic Dance Music producer. “I thought the best performer was Zedd. Zedd had super cool lights and the crowd was really energetic. It was a great way to end the night,” senior Lucy Stenovec said.

Sunday was the most expensive individual ticket to buy because some of the biggest performers were there, including Chance the Rapper, Kehlani and Major Lazer. “I enjoyed Major Lazer’s performance because they had a lot of people on the stage. Also I was with a lot of people from Miramonte so it was really fun,” junior Brianna Fick said.

Going to one day of Outside Lands can push one to the point of exhaustion. Going to all three days can be a Herculean task. “I mostly felt tired when I got home from the concert each day. I went three days so it was pretty tiring, but once you’re there and you’re dancing and listening to music with your friends, you aren’t really paying attention to how tired you might be. I tried to get as much sleep as possible each night of the concert,” Stenovec said.

Karl, the San Francisco fog, made an appearance by completely covering the park for the first two days of the festival. Many attendees were content with the cooler climate. “I thought the fog made it so much better because no one was hot and uncomfortable,” Fick said.

People don’t only go to Outside Lands for the music. While music is the largest factor, the festival vibes are a huge part of the overall experience. “My favorite part was the general camaraderie between festival-goers. It was easy to strike up conversation between surrounding people. My friends and I met plenty of new and interesting people from all over the country. Everyone is there to just listen to good music and have a good time so the general mood is very positive,” Madsen said.