Matadors Work Out at HOMEbody Dance


Seniors pose in their neon workout attire before the dance.

Riley Eversole, Staff Writer

This past Saturday Miramonte had its annual homecoming dance. Decked out in neon colors, fanny packs, leg warmers, and unisuits, the students danced the night away (from 8-10 p.m., that is).  

Students eagerly waited as they lined up near the 400s hall well before the 8 p.m. start time. The fancy yellow ASB dot on students’ ID cards allowed them to enter an express entrance into the dance. Miramonte’s leadership class chose the non-formal theme of workout attire, or HOMEbody to align with the Homecoming theme “HOMEcoming.” The dance theme served as the culmination of a week’s “home” themed dress days.

“We voted as a class for the home exercise theme. We thought the dress up would be fun for a dance, especially because the colors would glow in the black light,” ASB Treasurer Lucy Stenovec said.

You might ask: why was homecoming non-formal when several other schools feature semi-formal and formal themes? According to Stenovec, the dance was non-formal because Leadership is planning a formal Winter Formal Dance this year (stay tuned for more details), so they thought it would be fun to have a casual dress dance for homecoming.

“I liked the theme because it was easy to dress up for and you could wear comfortable clothes,” senior Juni Kim said.

The DJ’s playlist consisted of several upbeat hip hop classics and, bass-heavy electronic hits. Midway through the dance, the DJ dropped DJ Snake and Lil John’s popular party classic “Turn Down for What.” Spraying pressurized air out of __ in an effort to promote a concert-like atmosphere, the energy in the room was uplifted.

“I chose this DJ because he was at the Rheem Pure Night Club teen nights at Rheem Theater over the summer. Additionally, his services only costed $800 compared to the usual $2000 DJ. He was also more willing to play the songs we requested as a leadership class,” senior ASB Vice President Hana Neugebauer said.

According to ASB President Angi Axelrode, a lot of effort from the Leadership class goes into the dances. “We set up everything, hire the DJ, get decorations, and put up barricades and water gallons,” Axelrode said.  

“Dancing with my friends was really fun. I also really enjoyed seeing people have fun together out of the classroom setting,” Kim, who showed off her best moves in the dancing circle several times throughout the night, said.