The Last Year on The Island


Sarah Burnick

The final Treasure Island Music Festival on the island took place October 15th and 16th.

Sarah Burnick, Staff Writer

Thousands of Bay Area music fans attended the tenth annual and final Treasure Island Music Festival held at the namesake island on October 15th and 16th. Attendees ran from stage to stage through the pouring rain to watch a variety of bands from a wide range of genres, from rapper Ice Cube to chilled-out Mac Demarco. A storm rolled in Saturday evening, causing a four-hour delay and three bands to be canceled. Even then, the festival-goers didn’t lose their spirits and made the best of the situation, the majority sticking it out until the end every night. The solid performances from the mainly alternative and indie bands who played on Sunday made for a strong ending to the weekend and for the final Treasure Island Music Festival.

Mirador reviews the highlight performances at Treasure Island Music Festival.

Mac Demarco-

Mac Demarco performing Sunday afternoon.
Sarah Burnick

  Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and multimedia artist McBriare “Mac” Demarco’s self-described “jizz jazz” music style set the perfect upbeat mood as the sun finally came out mid-Sunday afternoon. Demarco’s show hit every element of the best concert: undying energy, a pumped audience, and great music. Every moment of the 50 minutes Mac Demarco was on stage the whole audience was engaged, dancing and singing along to every song wholeheartedly. The whole show was extremely fun to watch, from the music to the commentary, and from the dancing onstage to the 20 minute jam session where the whole band just messed around, shredding guitar both in front of and behind their heads. Even the band Wild Nothing couldn’t resist the fun and energy that radiated off the stage, diving into the psyched audience, crowd surfing for one of the songs. Demarco bringing his girlfriend on stage, adding a stuffed horse to the band, and constantly jumping and dancing around, the fun never ended and made for the most entertaining show of the weekend.

Sylvan Esso-

Sarah Burnick

  This show can best be described as powerful and fierce. The dark clouds rolled in just before they began, creating a vibe perfect for the indie-pop duo on Sunday evening. The songs, singer Amelia Meath’s voice, the beats, the flashing lights, and the clouds all together created an intense and incredible experience everyone in the crowd could not hold in their excitement for. The sound seemed to lift Treasure Island out of the Bay and into ultimate euphoria. Meath’s dancing in nine-inch platform sneakers was not the only impressive thing from the set. Debuting several songs from their unreleased record, some of the most exciting new sounds heard all weekend, Sylvan Esso concluded their 2016 tour with a show audience members said in awe to be “spiritual.”

Car Seat Headrest-

Car Seat Headrest
Sarah Burnick

  This band was the hardest rocking band from the entire weekend. Hardly stopping long enough to count off the next song, the indie-rock band from Virginia radiated energy. Everyone in the audience sang and danced along, watching lead guitarist and singer Will Toledo jumping around on stage, having a blast. This set held one of the most memorable moments of the entire festival during their performance of their song Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales. The band gave a really great show, with every song sounding amazing and their energy making the experience so much better for everyone. They were the highlight of the early afternoon on Sunday, with people talking about them long after they concluded.

Wild Nothing-

Wild Nothing
Sarah Burnick

  The indie-rock/dream-pop band Wild Nothing’s set on Sunday afternoon was one of the best-sounding performances of the weekend. Every song sounded exactly like their record. So entrancing, the never-ending showers and water-filled rainboots seem to almost disappear. Even Mac Demarco could not stay away and was spotted nodding along to the songs off to the side of the stage. Playing a surprising amount of songs from their first album Gemini, Wild Nothing gave a really solid set, mostly making up for the lack of energy and entertaining commentary that gave other bands an extra edge.


Sarah Burnick

  The best part of their performance was how incredibly fun and adorable the Hinds girls were, as they constantly messed around, laughing, and having a blast the entire show. Their grungy voices, snarls, and screams could not mask their adorable personalities. The Spanish band played a fairly solid set and delivered a very entertaining show everyone in the audience could not help but enjoy. Like sisters, the bandmates danced and laughed the entire 50 minutes.
Mura Masa-

Mura Masa
Sarah Burnick

  British electronic music producer Alex Crossan, accompanied by singer NAO, lit up Saturday afternoon as the storm clouds that would later cause a huge amount of difficulties started to appear. When the duo first came on stage, they were greeted by a particularly eager and excited crowd. In response, NAO gave one of the most energetic shows of the weekend. There was not a moment where she was not moving around the stage, jumping into the pumped crowd at one point. While NAO’s voice was beautifully versatile, singing both rap and ballads within minutes of each other, Crossan carried the show, delivering powerful electronic beats that nobody could resist bouncing along to. The music coupled with the powerful voice made for a really great and exciting performance.