Russ Concert Brings Energy to Oakland


M. Metherd

Russ delivers the encore under colorful lights. The Russ concert this past Friday attracted several Miramonte students.

Riley Eversole, Staff Writer

The energy of the Fox Theater in Oakland exploded this past Friday night as contemporary rapper Russ lifted spirits in the room. Featuring songs with deep bass and catchy beats, acapella jams and personal insight gained on his journey, Russ offered a truly unique concert experience.

Towering over audiences at a mighty height of 5’5,” the 24 year-old American singer, producer, and rapper is on the rise in the entertainment industry. All of Russ’s songs are self-written, mixed, and performed and offer intimate commentary on previous relationships, fame, and personal growth as a rapper.

Russ released several singles this year including “What They Want,” Pull the Trigger,” and “Too Many.” Beginning with popular hit “Young God,” the rapper set a hyphy tone for the concert to follow.

“Young God” was the best song because most of the people at the concert really knew it so it was fun to sing along with everyone,” Junior Anastasia Belinsky said.

Throughout the concert, Russ sought to inspire the audience with bits of wisdom he has acquired along his journey. “In society, we’re living on two sides of a wall,” said the rapper midway through the concert. we have to learn not to confine ourselves to a specific side and come together.”

Song after song, he focused on encouraging the audience to work hard to seek their dreams.

“His message was to never let anything or anyone hold you back and to stay positive when achieving your dreams,” said sophomore Maddie Metherd. “He also called out to different genders and races in the audience and raised awareness for social equality by encouraging the spread of respect and equality.” He acknowledged women, Saudia Arabians and Latinos to name a few.

With a wide array of recent political activism present in today’s society with women’s marches and various protests, Russ’s timely message truly resonated with the diverse, Bay Area audience.