Miramonte Wins State Latin Convention

Miramonte Wins State Latin Convention

Megan Freeman

On Fri., April 8, Miramonte skewered the competition in a four-day event filled with scrapbooking competitions, chariot races, gladiator helmets, and finally, a victory parade

Over spring break, when most students were relaxing in the sun, the Miramonte Latin students were hard at work, hosting and dominating the 2011 California Junior Classical League State Convention. Out of over 40 high schools from the state, Miramonte crushed the competition to win first place overall.

The convention kicked off on the afternoon of Fri., April 8 with a carnival all over the Miramonte campus. Students work-ed diligently to set up the convention and be gracious hosts. Most of the upperclassmen were in charge of multiple positions to make the convention run smoothly.

“I almost threw up three times, and cried once from the stress,” said senior Annie O’Shea. “But it was worth it in the end because we won.”

“Friday was just kind of a welcome day,” said junior Jared Madnick. “There were movies showing in some rooms and a dance in the cafeteria.”

The main events of the convention ramped up on Saturday, when the Mats triumphed in multiple areas. The competitions ranged from athletic events such as swimming, quidditch, and chariot races to artistic contests like scrapbooking and pencil drawing to academic events like vocabulary tests and certamen (Latin for competition, a kind of trivia game). The Mats dominated the charts, winning first in volleyball, ultimate frisbee, publicity, and spirit.

To win Spirit Chapter, the Latin students dressed in unified gear and shiny paper gladiator helmets like the ones worn on their victory march through the quadrangle on Wed., April 13. They also sang and executed cheers like “the color shout” with pep and verve to crush the other less spirited schools.

Other victories included second place in basketball, chariot, competitive certamen scrapbooking, and boys track in the 4×400 relay.

Besides the overall successes of the school as a whole, several individual students won awards at the awards ceremony on Saturday night. Senior Jonathan Wong received a $2000 scholarship to study Latin in college.

Latin II students Elise Legallet and Clark Pang cleaned up with eight awards each, and Latin III student Elena Loke won 10 awards total for everything from academic vocabulary to black ink arts. Advanced Latin student Leahna Purcell also won 10 awards in competitions for her artistic talents.

One of the best parts about winning for most students was defeating southern California archrival school Woodbridge.

“There are only three schools that always place at convention,” said junior Hannah Swernoff. “Woodbridge always gets first, and then it’s a tossup for second and third between Miramonte and this other school no one cares about. But this year we beat them!”

After the competitions closed on Saturday night, the convention participants celebrated with a dance at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center.

“Victoria dulcis,” said O’Shea. “Victory is sweet.”