Two Way Street: Editors Tennyson May and Trevor Rechnitz talk Athlete Battle Royales and NFL Surprises


Crazy man Ron Artest is not afraid to deliver mid-game bows.

Tennyson May & Trevor Rechnitz, Sports Editor & Online EIC

“half the editor…twice the facial hair.”

Athlete Battle Royale (Ron Artest v. Stephen Jackson)

Tennyson: Ron Artest is legally insane, well not actually, but he is pretty crazy. If you don’t agree, go on Google and type in “Ron Artest is” it will automatically complete this statement with the word “crazy.” He received a ticket for driving a racecar down a street. Sure the problem was actually that the car’s registration was expired, but that’s still pretty weird. You may be wondering, “why is Tennyson going on about why Ron Artest is crazy?” It’s really quite simple: craziness wins fights. Artest would not go down in a fight; I feel like he could take a lot of punishment and still try to take out whoever he’s brawling. Watch the infamous Pacers-Pistons brawl started by Artest. First you see him fighting with Ben Wallace (which is insane itself considering he’s huge). Then a few moments later, you see that Artest has somehow found his way into the stands, and he’s fighting spectators. At one point in the fight someone throws a drink at him, and Artest goes and punches someone else who was actually trying to help him. Needless to say, Artest is insane. And for those of you who are saying, “oh he can’t be that bad… he changed his name to Metta World Peace,” the court orignally denied the name change because he failed to pay parking tickets. Ron. You are playing for the richest team in the NBA. You can pay for your parking tickets.
Trevor: To be honest, there’s no real argument here. If this were a brawl of who is the bigger baller, Captain Jack’s constant threat from behind the arc would undoubtedly champion the defense minded Artest. However, this is a brawl for survival, which comes to down to the factors of strength, thug upbringing and the x factor of being crazy. Cap’n Jack wins um all. Jackson is 6’8 and 215 lbs., was raised in the hood of Fort Arthur Texas and is, without a doubt, nuts. Here are a few examples that foreshadow Jackson’s success in any fight. After receiving a record 11 technical fouls in the 20010-2011 season, Jackson responded by saying “I get techs because I want to. I don’t care. I’m not getting techs for no reason. It happens.” The pure lack of remorse for setting the technical foul record is proof in itself that Jackson is crazy enough to beat Artest 6 feet under. In the last offseason, Stephen Jackson fired a gun, was hit by a car and got punched in the face, all in the vicinity of an Indianapolis strip club. Jackson isn’t afraid to reach for the glock, which in a brawl to the death is a key factor.
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NFL Surprises
Tennyson: So far, this NFL season is one of the most exciting seasons that I’ve experienced, mainly because for the first time in a long time, the Niners are a legitimately good team. However, the biggest surprise this season has been the Detroit Lions. The Lions came out to a 5-0 start for the first time since 1956. The most impressive part about this is that a couple years ago, they did not win a game during their season. Right now, the Lions are 2nd in the NFC North. A lot of this success can be attributed to the solid offensive combination of Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. Stafford, with a current rating of 99.1, is well above his career average of 77.1. Calvin Johnson, debatably the best receiver in the NFL right now, is leading the league in touchdowns with 11. The key to their defense is the incredibly talented Ndamukong Suh who is currently ranked as the best defensive tackle in the NFL. Despite accusations of being dirty, Suh is undeniably an amazing player. So far the Lions have had a great season, and unless it ends in some freakishly awful way, the Lions should be proud of what they’ve accomplished already.
Trevor: Through 6 games, The 49ers are not following the script. They were supposed to be the team that got  negatively affected by the labor negotiations and just rolled over to another losing season. We’ve all heard about and praised the genious that is Jim Harbuagh, but I want to indulge defensive cordinator Vic Fangio. The cornerbacks have been coming after the opposing quaterback and so have the safeties. Hell at times Fangio sends the mascot and the cheerleaders to blindside him too. NaVorro Bowman and Patrick Willis have been animals up the middle and Justin Smith is being productive as usual. I also attribute this suprise team to Alex Smith. At this point in the season last year, Smith had thrown eight touchdowns against nine interceptions. This year, he’s got eight touchdowns against two interceptions. Smith’s improved field vision, in addition to the guidance provided by Harbaugh, has propelled the Niners to the top of the NFC West. In addition to Fangio and Smith, the 49ers rookie class is arguably the best in the NFL. Aldon Smith leads the team with 5.5 sacks and Kendall Hunter is playing a supporting role under Frank Gore. Even though the Niners look especially promising this year, there are some areas for improvement. Of the five wide receivers on the 53 man roster, the only one with a touchdown is no-name Kyle Williams. Of Smith’s 8 touchdown passes, 6 have gone to tight ends and the other one went to the now injured Josh Morgan. The Niners look like they’re headed for an NFC West victory and, hopefully a deep playoff run.