Editors Tennyson May and Trevor Rechnitz talk NCAA Hoops, UFC, and Battle Royales


Harrison Barnes celebrates as his bench proceeds to rail Evansville. Also, please note PJ Hairston’s face.

Tennyson May & Trevor Rechnitz, Sports Editor & Online EIC

“half the editor…twice the facial hair.”

NCAA Basketball Player of the Year

Tennyson: Six-foot, eight-inch All-American sophomore small forward Harrison Barnes of fifth ranked North Carolina has what it takes to be NCAA Player of the Year. Barnes is a skilled and natural scorer with great size and a perfect frame, currently averaging 17.5 points on a 49 percent shooting average. At the start of last year’s season, critics overlooked Barnes because of his 37 percent shooting average. However, Barnes took the criticism and used it as fuel to improve his game. He improved his efficiency and shot 46 percent for the rest of the season. Barnes is also a very solid defender. Although he doesn’t rack up a huge amount of defensive stats, if you watch him you can tell that he is a solid defender. The greatest part about Barnes is his attitude, which has been commended by many of his teammates and coaches. He brings confidence combined with his competitiveness onto the court. Already improving his scoring from last year, if he can continue to make improvements like he did in the second half of last year’s season, Barnes should be a top contender for Player of the Year.

Trevor: Starting guard for the Xavier Musketeers, Tu Holloway is not only the most underrated player in college basketball, but also one of the best. Listed by CBS as the fourth best player in the nation, Holloway was a third team all American last year as a junior and is now the 26th top scorer on Xavier’s all-time scoring list. In addition, Holloway was the Atlantic 10 Player of the Year after leading the Musketeers in scoring (19.7 points per game) and the A-10 in assists (5.4 per game). Holloway is a fearless scoring point guard who is difficult to keep away from the basket because of his quickness and strength. With his 3-point range, Holloway is one of the biggest threats in the nation with the ball. Not only will his scoring, passing and defense help Xavier again, but Holloway also plays as hard as anyone else in the A-10.

Baseball Brawl (David Ortiz v. Prince Fielder)

Tennyson: Since my craziness approach didn’t quite work out for me in the last issue, I’m going to have to change it up a bit this time. For this issue I’m not going for someone who could out-crazy his opponent, but someone who could physically beat the crap out them, and I think that David Ortiz could do the job. Standing at 6’4’’ and weighing in at 230 lbs, Big Papi is a big guy. Picture Ortiz charging at you with a baseball bat. That image makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. However there aren’t many examples of him actually fighting, other than his quick brawl against Kevin Gregg last year, in which he landed some solid hits before getting pulled away by his teammates. I think Big Papi’s achievements show how much power he really has. He has the MLB home run and RBI records for a designated hitter and was also recognized as the best designated hitter of the decade from 2000 to 2009. I think his hitting ability has to give you some idea of how much power he can pack in a punch. Also, he’s a southpaw which would have to make any fight with him a little bit more interesting.

Trevor: The Homerun King of Milwaukee, The “Big Baby” Prince Fielder would win a fight to the death against any other MLB player. Throughout seven seasons in The Bigs, Fielder averages 37 homeruns and 106 RBIs. If you didn’t think he was yolked before, think again. Some might say that due to his short stature Fielder would have a hard time fighting against, say, an Adam Wainwright. However, Fielder makes up for it with his massive body. Fielder weighs a whopping 275 pounds. Taking down 275 pounds of Prince is no easy undertaking. Lastly, Fielder married a hottie named Chanel, who would be the clutch backup needed to win any fight to the death.

Make sure you vote for whom you think would win on www.mhsmirador.com! The winner of the previous battle was Stephen Jackson over Ron Artest by only two votes.

Ultimate Fighting Championship

Trevyson Maechnitz: We feel that the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, doesn’t get the proper recognition at Miramonte that it deserves. MMA is a legit sport that requires skill, hard work, and a badass attitude. To step into the octagon, knowing that you’re about to get hurt takes some serious confidence. Fighters train intensely for months on end, and pour it all out into three minutes in the octagon. Unlike boxing, big UFC fights are offered free on cable TV. We ask that you give this insane sport a chance; we promise you won’t tap out.