Once Upon a Dream, What Do They Really Mean?

Once Upon a Dream, What Do They Really Mean?

Mirador dreams about you. Hopefully you dream about Mirador.

Tennyson May and Rachael Oczkus, Sports Editor and Entertainment Editor

For most of our lives, we have been intrigued by dreams. What are dreams? Why do we have them? What do they mean? After years of intensive research, training, and enlightenment, Mirador’s dream experts have decided to share their accumulated insight with the world, starting with the interpretation and analysis of Miramonte students’ own dreams.

My family and I were out in the ocean in a little blue boat with a popcorn machine one sunny day. We began making popcorn when the popcorn machine went out of control. It wouldn’t stop making popcorn. Soon the boat overflowed with popcorn and we had to jump out of the little blue rowboat into the cold ocean that surrounded us.

Normally, the actions of eating or making popcorn in a dream suggest positive growth. If you wished to fulfill this meaning it would require your unconscious mind to come up with an alternative ending, eating the constant flow of popcorn from your overflowing boat. Sadly, you decided to sacrifice your growth by jumping out of the boat. This action reveals another negative aspect of your dream. Boats represent an excited emotional state. Usually, those who are on a boat tend to be blessed with many new friends and plenty of parties to attend. Our guess is that after jumping out of this boat filled with positive popcorn growth, you sat at home eating popcorn in your conscious state while watching lame made-for-TVmovies.
It was almost like I was watching myself sleep and my dream happen. It was pretty much a dream within a dream. There were giant bushes covered with  pollen over my sleeping head. All of a sudden a bunch of giant bumblebees surrounded the pollen bushes.

Are you pregnant? As far as I know, a dream that includes pollen symbolizes fertility. The fact that giant bumblebees then devoured your pollen clusters is a tad worrisome. Bumblebees signify distress and upcoming problems. Beware, your baby’s daddy might just leave you….

I dreamt that I was a tooth model.

Teeth represent a permanent part of your life like a relationship or job. Dreaming that you are a model means that you are striving to be something you are not. This leads us to the conclusion that you are striving for a relationship that will never ever happen. Sorry, he or she is just not that into you….

The dream took place in my old house. My family and I were hanging out with the three bears from Little Red Riding Hood. The bears began walking upstairs and my brother decided to chase after them. Instead of running up the stairs like any normal person, he jumped on the bannister and ran up that instead. At the very top he lost his balance and fell, breaking into a hundred pieces of glass. After some time went by with me watching television, my brother walked into the room and was taped back together. It was the worst tape job ever.

The fact that your dream features characters from childhood fairytales tells us that you had some sort of issue with your childhood that you are still dealing with. The fact that your brother is the central character of your dream relays that the problem stems from your relationship with him. The poor reconstruction represents the problems that still brew and need to be fixed. We recommend that you profess your love to your brother and do something nice for him.
I’m in the middle of this huge fair in Chicago and I’m walking around totally alone. There are people everywhere but nobody that I actually know. This strange hoboish guy throws me a donkey hide and I take it, step on a chair and jump. I immediately fly into the air. I’m floating over Chicago, very high, and there is a gay nudist parade going on below me. I am just peacefully floating over “Chicago” which no longer looks anything like the actual city, but instead appears to be a stretch of tropical islands with tons of skyscrapers. Then, I decide to go down and I wonder if it will hurt. I let go of the donkey hide and float down gently as if I am using a parachute. I end up hitting the ground fairly hard but walk away from the landing without any injuries. I am so excited about the landing that I run around trying to figure out if I can do it again. Somebody then hands me a bunch of balloons. Suddenly, I am back in my house, holding the balloons. I am about to run into the side yard to step on the chair and jump again but my mom stops me and says that we have visitors. I try to explain to everyone what happened but they all just look at me like I am crazy. Then, Debi Anderson walks in and my mom says, “This is my daughter. Daughter, have you met Debi?” I formally say no and then Debi says, “I think I’ve seen you at Si Si’s though.”

The donkey hide means that you will die and the gay nudist parade means that you will die naked. Floating and balloons represent peace. This means that your death will   most likely be peaceful. We suggest that you stay away from bathtubs, refrain from skinny-dipping, and avoid physicals at your doctor’s office. Debi is your protector. Stay by her side constantly if you wish to live. As far as the dream taking place in Chicago, the only conclusion that we can come to is that you will have a life changing experience in the “windy city.”