Performers for Progress

Spencer Holmes, Staff Writer

Tonight and tomorrow, Performers for Progress, theater group headed by seniors Cecily Schmidt and Sarah Brovelli, will put on their sixth annual show at 7:30 in the theater.

Performers for Progress is a student-run theater group that showcases student talent to raise money for charities. Each year, Performers for Progress chooses a new charity to which they donate the money.

“For the spring show this year, we will be donating our proceeds to the Sophia Project – a local organization that helps children and families at risk of recurring homelessness,” said Schmidt.

In the past, Performers for Progress has raised money for the Water Project, Each One Reach One, School Box, By Any Dreams Necessary, and Operation Footprint.

Performers for Progress held auditions a few weeks prior to the show. There are no requirements and everyone is encouraged to try out. However, there is a limited amount of space so sometimes there is a bit of difficulty in choosing the performers.

The money that is donated to the charities is raised solely by ticket and concession sales. During the show there are a large number of homemade treats for sale outside.

“The best part is you know your money is going directly to a good cause, and you get to see a great show in return,” said Schmidt.

There is no set theme for the shows and the lineup this year contains a huge variety of talent including singing, dancing, comedy sketches, poetry, and much more.