Two Way Street

“twice the editor, none of the Y chromosomes”

Who’s going to win the NBA Playoffs?

Georgia: I know many people will disagree with my choice, but the San Antonio Spurs will win the Finals in June. It’s no question the Spurs have the most experience on the court, and their record proves it. Since Tim Duncan joined the Spurs in 1998, he’s guided the team in the winning direction. Do you know how many championship rings he has? Let’s just say he has a ring for each finger on his right hand. If that’s not impressive enough, the other Spurs superstar is point guard Tony Parker, who led the Spurs to victory in the NBA Championships in 2003, 2005, and 2007. He’s also been selected as an NBA All-Star four times, and was 2007’s Finals MVP. Frankly, he’s just good. He’s ranked number three for most assists in games, which is no surprise because he had 10 assists in game three of the playoffs. The Eastern Conference should be trembling because this team is stacked. It’s not even all about the players either. Coach Gregg Popovich is obviously the best coach in the league. In his coaching career, he’s coached the team to three NBA Championship victories and will soon win another.

Nicola: The Oklahoma City Thunder has a good chance at it, but the Heat has been showing promise because of their newfound confidence and success already this season. They have an outstanding offense and when necessary, can put forth a tough defense. The team is playing more confidently this year, but if Lebron freezes this year like he did last, who knows if they can pull it off? However, they were down 2-1 in the Eastern Conference Semis, and the loss of Chris Bosh leaves them without their most critical player. Hence, it’s the Thunder’s time to shine. Already in the playoffs, they’ve been challenged with some close games against the Mavericks and the Lakers, both of which they won. Also, Kevin Durant is a boss, and Russell Westbrook is rocking it.

What sport is are you most excited for in the summer Olympics?

N: Being a swimmer/water polo athlete, it’s natural that those are probably the only two sports I will watch this summer, besides gymnastics (it fascinates me that people can contort their bodies in such intricate ways). Women’s water polo was only added to the Games in 2000, and the US has yet to win the gold medal. In the ‘08 Olympics, they won the silver medal, while the Netherlands got gold and Australia got bronze. Four-time Olympic veterans Brenda Villa and Heather Petri will be playing in their last Olympics this summer, while five new members join the squad, including three collegiate players from Stanford. Only three members of the team come from outside of California. As for men’s water polo, what I’m really looking forward to is watching Peter Varellas, because of his admirable talent and abs. In swimming, some athletes likely to participate are Michael Phelps, Natalie Coughlin, Ryan Lochte, Matt Grevers, Katie Hoff, and Amanda Beard. Coughlin won six gold medals at the last Olympics, while Phelps won eight on the men’s side.

G: You can stick to the sports you know, like Nicola, or you can branch out of your comfort zone and watch the more obscure yet awesome sports, like me. Everyone enjoyed archery in freshman and sophomore P.E. class. Many of us could barely hit a target from 10 feet away. In the Olympics, men and women compete by shooting from a whopping 70 feet away. There’s nothing more intriguing than watching a team of archers jump up and down excitedly with bows and arrows in their hands. Another sport bound to thrill is badminton. These hardcore athletes train for this one shot at world recognition. When is the last time you heard about a famous badminton player? This is your chance to make that discovery and find a new idol to worship. These players have such passion for the game, and on the court it will be shown.

Who are the top picks for the MLB All-Star Game?

Georgicola Gonziskey: With the All-Star Game approaching, we voted for our favorite players to venture to Kansas City for the All-Star Weekend. First on our list was star player from the Dodgers, Matt Kemp, who has one of the top batting averages and RBIs in all of the majors. We are also rooting for Buster Posey because he represents the heart and soul of the Bay Area. His catching skills have stuck with us since the very beginning, and we have stuck with him through his most traumatizing injuries. Along with these two undeniably talented baseball players, we have chosen pitcher Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers as our final pick. He is pitching tremendously this year so far, with an ERA of 2.14 and 68 strikeouts. These are obviously the best picks for the 2012 All-Star Game, and we’re excited to see them on the field on July 10.