Drew Anderson, Staff Writer

Miramonte departments are shaking things up with veteran teachers taking on new subjects for the 2012-2013 school year. Due to class sizes, student requests, and teacher preferences, many teachers on campus this year are teaching new classes.

“It depends on students’ schedules a lot, and  the administration tries to help balance the teachers’ workload as well,” history teacher Meghan Selway said.

Students may not realize that there are nuances that vary in every class that teachers adapt to. It’s more than just course content that they must master.

“The change for me is the different grade scale, and the testing is different as well,” Manoa Koepp said about teaching Physiology for the first time this year.

Meghan Flores, who is most commonly known at Miramonte as a Spanish teacher, is also teaching United States History, which she taught at the middle school level.

“It’s definitely different teaching high school students instead of eighth graders. The high school course goes into a lot more detail, so I’m learning some of the things over again too,” Flores said.

Another aspect that changes for the teachers is their relationships with different students.

“In Physiology, I’m teaching a lot of older students, which is nice. It’s different and I like to change it up sometimes,” Koepp said.

Flores enjoys the relationships she has created with students. “For me it’s the second time teaching many of my students so it’s nice to have another chance to teach students I really like,” Flores said.

Several students said that they really enjoy having the same teacher for a second time because they feel comfortable and already know the teacher’s tendencies.

The science department is changing things up this year as well. Hope Hauptman, who usually teaches Chemistry, is teaching a Biology class and Nicki Leboy, who  usually teaches Geology, is also teaching Chemistry.