Reality Shows Take Over Teenage Lives

Hannah Friel and Maddie Geary, Staff Writers

In modern society there has been a rapid increase in the amount of reality shows on the air. Mirador critiques some of the recently aired shows and explores the entertainment value they offer to viewers. Each show has recieved a rating from a scale of one to five, based on their originality, overall entertainment and the drama it brings to our screens.

Funniest Spin-off: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Follows the daily life of a hillbilly family who spends all (and we mean all) of their money on their youngest child’s beauty pageants. This has a negative effect on their lives, especially on their diet, appearance and hygiene. Highly entertaining but also repulsive. Let’s be honest, we all watch this show because of her extremely obese mother, who is quite aware of her physical condition and not afraid to embrace it.

Most Original: Breaking Amish

Five Amish strangers move to New York and live in a hotel together. This creates drama, complicated relationships and awkward moments that audiences love to watch. The stakes are high because in the Amish community, all of these people will be shunned when they go home to their communities. Definitely a heart-wrenching show that everyone must watch.

Four out of the five Kardashian sisters pose for the camera.

Most Addictive/Trashy Reality Show: Keeping Up With The Kardashians

A camera follows around a depressingly wealthy family throughout their daily “dramatic” lives. (They literally just create problems for themselves, e.g: Kim Kardashian dives into the ocean wearing diamond earrings and loses one). This show is addicting, and viewers have to wonder why the Kardashians are even famous to begin with.

Most Wild Show: My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

The show is particularly entertaining because of the effect gypsies’ unique lifestyles have on their weddings. Couples live in trailers, and the wife is constantly supposed to clean the trailer while the spouse works for part of the day then goes to the bar to relax. In order to find a significant other to begin with, the male is supposed to grab the girl and force her to kiss him, usually during a wedding or party. The girl is required to refuse and struggle, but once the kiss finally occurs they are bound together. To prepare for the wedding, the bride buys a huge princess dress that costs a fortune and that is extremely uncomfortable. Definitely a show to check out, but not necessarily one of our all-time favorites.

Most Unique: Toddlers & Tiaras

A show about toddlers who have strict and obsessive moms who give up everything to put their children in beauty pageants. The competition is described as addictive by the mothers, who spend thousands of dollars on glitzy dresses and travel fees to see their child perform and possibly win money. This show is overly-dramatic, which makes it hilariously entertaining.

Most Dramatic: 16 And Pregnant

This show follows the stories of pregnant teenage girls and the decisions that they make based on their age, relationship status, education and ability to provide for a newborn. Extremely addictive because of the drama and stress involved with getting pregnant at such a young age, this show is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat after each episode.

Pauly D (center) started his own show about being a DJ, attempting to capitalize on the fame he earned as a member of Jersey Shore

Worst Spin-Off: The Pauly D Project

The Pauly D Project revolves around Pauly D from Jersey Shore, who is hoping to fulfill his dreams by making it big in the DJing business. The show follows him performing in clubs around America, and docmuments the stress that comes with his career. Viewers get a backstage look at what it’s like being a DJ. As much as we love the jersey shore, the Pauly D Project just doesn’t give us the same wild vibe.