Matador Resolutions

Kaitlin Fenn and Jack Garrett, Staff Writers

Every New Year’s Eve Miramonte students take a break from the holiday hubbub to contemplate goals for up the upcoming year. 2013 calls for particularly magnificent resolutions because we all survived the “apocalypse.” Anxious to take advantage of the second chance at life, many students wanted to share their hopes and dreams for the new year.

“I want to get good grades,” Joe Metheny said.
Paige Miller said her resolution is “to try to be less sassy.”

Jen Stanten wants “to be munificent…and use more vocab words.”
“I want to be a good person in 2013,” Connor Jackson said.

Margot Odell’s New Year’s Resolution is to “not have any resolutions because I never follow through on them.” The only thing she hopes to do is “hang with friends more often.”
Kyle Vischer’s resolutions for 2013 are to “stay in shape, be nicer, get a job, do well on the upcoming SAT and attain better grades.”

Michael Wolfe’s New Year Resolutions are to simply “have fun and go to college.”
Senior Laurie Simon’s New Year Resolution is to “enjoy life and cherish the things we love the most.”

Substitute Mr. Egeland claims that he “doesn’t want to have any New Year’s Resolutions because he’s perfect.”