Breaking News: Fire at Orinda Bart Severely Delays Traffic and Closes Orinda Platform

Elena Wasserman, Breaking News Editor

At 5:13pm this evening, the Chief of the Orinda Fire Department, Stephen Healy, received notice of a fire on a BART train at the Orinda platform.“The fire was found in a confined area underneath one of the BART cars,” Healy said. “We still don’t know what caused the fire, and no one will be able to go onto BART at this platform for the time being.”

BART operators were able to successfully move the two cars in front of the burning one, and are now working with the firefighters to see what could’ve caused the fire under the car in the first place.

“None of us could tell what was wrong,” Matador parent Kim Laughton said. “We just all realized that something wasn’t right and there was a lot of smoke.”

According to Laughton, who was on the BART train as the fire occurred, everyone was evacuated from the BART train, including those whose stop was not Orinda.

“My biggest concern was what if it was a bomb,” Laughton said. “What would you do?”

Thankfully, no one was injured, and after two hours people were able to take BART to their original destinations.

Traffic stayed  at a halt for this time, and was backed up on most of Camino Pablo.

Sorry for the delayed commute Matadors, hopefully the Orinda BART platform will be up and running soon.