Fall Playlist

Gabriel Ostler, Staff Writer

Fall is here but summer isn’t far away in the rearview, creating a strange mixture of weather and mood that calls for a unique blend of auditory glory. If you’re in the market for some new tunes, want a few songs to listen to while you watch the color change creep over the leaves, or just like great music, take a gander at the 10 songs that comprise Gabriel Ostler’s official November playlist.

Who Cares, Gnarls Barkley

Crazy got all the mainstream attention off St. Elsewhere, leaving Who Cares criminally underappreciated. Melodic guitar and sweet electro-pop sounds combine with Cee-Lo’s smooth and deep vocals in this tight, finely tuned number.

Northern Sky, Nick Drake

With a unique voice that is equal parts soft and woodsy, Nick Drake makes you feel like you’re by a campfire in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, and man is that a good feeling. The music in this song is also nothing short of spectacular. This is what Bon Iver would sound like if they had talent.

Express Yourself, N.W.A.

A rare burst of positivity from the pissed-off ‘90s icons. Dr. Dre took a break from producing this legendary album (Straight Outta Compton) to step into the booth and deliver some fantastic verses over a perfect sample. “Don’t be another sequel. Express yourself.”

Gone for Good, The Shins

The kings of indie rock blend their irresistibly catchy guitar riffs and slightly desperate vocals to produce one of their best-ever tracks. Not many songs make better background music while you stare pensively out the window at leaves falling.

Sal Paradise, The Crookes

Think of the Smiths but without as many unnecessarily sharp edges. This British rock group has many songs that could have been chosen for this playlist, but nothing quite fits the bill like Sal Paradise. Something about the soft yet piercing whistling brings you right to the heart of fall every time.

The Dream, Logic

Easily the best rapper on the scene right now, Logic brings his visionary musical ability to this one-of-a-kind track. The song opens and closes with very different but equally beautiful guitar riffs that sandwich an impeccable verse.

Paper Romance, Groove Armada

A little-known electropop gem, Paper Romance opens with a long intro that meticulously builds level upon harmonious level before releasing vocals packed with pent-up, raw energy. Nothing will get you going more on your drive to school when the frost-covered lawns make you want to quit.

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, The White Stripes

Dark, brooding, and beautiful, this is one of the best love songs of all time. You can tell from the title that this is also a fantastic fall track. A very wise person once said of Jack White: “All the color went to his brain and left none for his skin.”

A Summer Song, Chad & Jeremy

Don’t be fooled by the title—this song takes place entirely in the fall. If you’re nostalgic for summer, a lost love, or both, fire this track up and let the tears roll like the rain against your windowpane.

It Doesn’t Matter, September

An uptempo, sparkly electropop number done by a group with a very appropriate name, this song will get you grooving and have your pulse rate shooting through the roof in seconds. The perfect mix of catchy and hyper to pick you up on a slow fall day.