Thanksgiving falls on the same day as Hanukkah this year

David Becker, Staff Writter

Every year, Hanukkah is celebrated over eight crazy nights. Each night of Hanukkah, a menorah is lighten in each Jewish household to symbolize the miracle that the Maccabees experienced in the ancient days when they had barely enough fuel in the candle for eight days when it was suppose to last them one night.

Hanukkah was different this year with it overlapping Thanksgiving. Some call it Thanksgivikkah; a combination of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. In many Jewish households, Thanksgivikkah is celebrated basicly the same as any ordinary Thanksgiving night along with the fun of spinning the Dreidel and eating latkes (potato pancakes).

Junior Ray Barrie-Kivel’s  family celebrated Thanksgivikkah. The whole BK clan went to San Francisco to celebrate with extended family. “It was really chill night” he said, “Sitting around with the fam, spinning the Dreidel and watching football” Since Barrie-Kivel is vegetarian, he could not eat turkey but he had a stomach full of latkes.

Sophomore Ben Tarkoff celebrated Thanksgiving differently. He had a usual Thanksgiving dinner with family and then after he lit the candles on the menorah. “It was a cool experience celebrating two different holidays in one night” Tarkoff said, “First a turkey and then I get presents. That sounds like a good night”.

The next time that Hanukkah  will fall on Thanksgiving is in 78,000 years.