Eco Friendly Holidays

Keep your holiday merry for everyone by going green. Made with love, these thoughtful, money-saving gifts will steal the show this winter. Get inspired, and start creating!

Coasters with maps of place you have traveled
You need:
Cork board (from Michael’s or craft stores), cut into coaster sized pieces
Modge Podge (from Michael’s or craft stores)
Printed out map, scaled and cut to the size you want the coasters to be. (This will work with any printed image. Try family photo or pet photos, too!)
1. Coat one side of a corkboard piece in modge podge.
2. Place image on the wet glue, pressing firmly to get rid of air bubbles.
3. Coat the top of the picture in an even layer. Let dry.

Custom mugs
You need:
A plain mug
Sharpie that will show up on your mug (i.e. not black if your mug is black)
1. Draw or write and design, note or quote on the surface of the mug.
2. Bake at 300°F for about 35 minutes, or until ink has set.
3. Cool to room temperature before washing (hand wash, as the mug will no longer be dishwasher safe).

Painted jars
You need:
A clear glass jar
Modge Podge (from Michael’s or any craft store)
Food coloring
1. Mix a few drops of food coloring into some modge podge. Color to your liking.
2. Pour a small amount of paint into the jar, and gently roll it around to fully coat the inside. Add more paint as needed.
3. Place jar, open end down, onto a paper plate or brown paper bag and let dry for about 30 minutes.
4. To get a glossy, almost clear color, bake jars for about 10 minutes, flip over and bake until streaks are gone.

Custom Bowl
You need:
Modge Podge (from Michael’s or craft stores)
Confetti, lace doily, fake decoration leaves, buttons, or what you want a bowl made out of
1. Inflate balloon to the size and shape you want.
2. Determine which part of you balloon would create the best bowl shape, and cover that part in modge podge.
3. While it is still wet, cover the balloon in your decoration of choice, so that no balloon is showing in that section. Cover each individual piece, if they are large, or section of pieces, if they are small, in order to keep the surface wet and gluey.
4. Let dry completely before carefully popping the balloon.

LED Holiday Lights
LED Holiday lights have both economic, environmental, and electric benefits. LED lightbulbs are able to generate light longer with less degradation than typical fluorescent lightbulbs. They have environmental benefits not only because of their long lifespan, but because they compose of electronic components rather than the typical gas enclosed bulb with a filament. LED prices decrease every year, and because of their long life, they practically pay for themselves. If you do decide to stay with traditional holiday lights, make sure to replace individal bubls they are burned out or borken instead of throwing away the lights, make sure timres are set to the correct time (there is no need to keep your lights on all night long, they are there for your and your neighbor’s enjoyment).