Styleguide 2014

Hannah Stenovec, Staff Writer

New year, new you!  Here are a few ways to incorporate 2013 favorites into your wardrobe.  With the leftover holiday sales and slow trickle of spring collections, you can find the perfect medium.
1) cardigans and thin sweaters
They’re great to layer and can get you through that early morning chill.  Opt for the light, fitting sweater, a little skirt, and shorter boots from the fall for the perfect in between.  Brandy Melville offers many lighter, thinner styles perfect for layering.
“I’m definitely going to incorporate sweaters into my spring wardrobe because it only gets hot here during the summer,” senior Margot Odell said.

2) make your own shorts
A great way to reuse jeans, homemade cut off shorts are cost free and can be altered to your heart’s desire.  Jeremy’s in Berkeley offers many styles and sizes at a discounted price that can be styled to your heart’s desire.
“During the spring cut off shorts and high waisted shorts are going to be really big again, because they were last year,”  Odell said.
“I like to get boys pants and turn them into shorts because I can fit into 12 year old boy clothing,” senior Hannah Li said.

3) bralettes
These were introduced in the winter under sweaters and dresses.
“Meshy tank tops with bralettes underneath and floral dresses are always really big,” Odell said.
Under sheer or loose fitting tank tops, these bralettes serve as both a bra and another layer so you don’t have to wear a camisole.
“They just add to an outfit and are super comfortable too,” junior Gabby Kreutzlman said.
Popular carriers include Free People, American Apparel, Victoria’s Secret, and Urban Outfitters.

4) short boots
Cute with both jeans in the winter and skirts in the spring, short boots are a great investment.
“These are my Frye boots, and I wear them way too much because they go with anything,” Kreutzlman said.
They they’re less constrictive than tall boots and they offer a simple but laid-back element that completes an outfit!
“I got these Tommy Hilfiger boots for Christmas and I love wearing them with cords and I’ll probably wear them with dresses and skirts,” sophomore Jill Lundstrom said.

5) thin black layers
“I like wearing black because it really works with anything.  It doesn’t require too much work but you can still have fun with what you wear, so you can wear cool black sweaters with cool black jeans” Li said.  To avoid being too hot in the spring, wear thin black shirts with skirts or think black sweaters over a dress.  “It’s a really versatile color that goes with the spring florals,” Odell said.

6) converse
Whether it’s hi-tops or low-tops, this classic footwear has made it’s return.  “I really like high-tops and people rock them, and they’re good for spring because you can wear them with dresses or skirts and jeans and leggings for winter.  I personally just rock my black and white low-tops, and maybe someone can inspire me to wear high-tops,” Li said.

7) spring cords
Cords have been very popular this fall, and as we move into spring, are cute in lighter colors and cropped styles.
“I love cords, especially from brands like J. Crew and Patagonia because they fit pretty nice on me and have a nice variety,”  senior Clay Smudsky said, “I prefer the khaki colored ones and some of the darker colors like dark purple.”

8) maroon/burgundy/ox blood
“I really like maroon and colored cords and I’ll definitely be wearing maroon in spring,” Lundstrom said.  This color has been spotted a lot in the Miramonte halls and will continue into spring with maybe lighter shades.

9) military jackets
“I love wearing these fitted jackets with skirts and jeans, and I’ll definitely wear them with dresses in the spring,” Kreutzlman said.
These jackets hit hard this winter and started an instant trend here at Miramonte.  They aren’t too heavy, and can make a cute dress more edgy in the spring.  Popular carriers include Urban Outfitters, J. Crew, and Madewell.