Senior Shennanigans Emphasize Value of Tradition

Lauren Branagh, Staff Writer

Senior pranks; they happen every year no matter what, so what is the point of trying to stop them? The administration calls upon the Senior class second semester and relentlessly informs them of the consequences that Senior pranks will bring, Senior ball will be canceled, grad night won’t exist, but the real question is, are all those threats necessary?

No matter what administration says Senior pranks are just as much a tradition as the senior lawn, or the food chain system on the quad, there is simply no avoiding or stopping them.  There is the annual Senior camp out on the quad, the typical Senior ditch day, and the occasional water balloon fight, all three of which bring no actual harm. Senior pranks bring the class together, they are a way for the upperclassmen to pay their respects to Miramonte for the past 4 years of service, by sharing a moment of laughter with the entire school.

The major concern regarding Senior pranks is the amount of time and energy it takes to clean up the pranks, as well as the safety concern the school faces when Senior pranks happen. “We want students to come away from their Senior year with great memories,” Miramonte’s Vice President Jan Carlson said. “But we want it to be in the context of safety and respect for other people and our campus.”

When the Senior pranks are orchestrated in a fun and harmless matter, the entire school can benefit. Pranks such as a water balloon fight on the senior quad, a flash mob midday, or students going to different classes for a period, bring character and fun filled memories to campus. When the pranks go madly wrong, such as spreading chicken guts across campus, spray painting the school, or filling water balloons with illegal substances and throwing them at people, the Administration has no choice but to crack down on the students and create large consequences.

“We want to promote anything healthy or spirited for our students, but Senior pranks can be destructive. We have seen the tremendous amount of time and energy needed to clean up the pranks that go wrong, and although we are always grateful when no one gets hurt, pranks can take away from other issues that need attendance,” Carlson said.

All in all, Senior pranks can be something that brings laughter and joy to campus, but if they are taken to far, or put in the wrong context, Senior Pranks can ruin the whole class’s reputation.