Flappy Bird Distracts Miramonte Students

Colin Bean, Sports Beat Editor

There are many frustrations and anxieties that high school students have to go through, but as many Miramonte students know, there is nothing more enraging than when that little flappy bird plummets to the ground. The newest iphone craze, Flappy Bird, has taken over Miramonte and has some students obsessed.

Even though all the game consists of is tapping a little bird to get it to fly through irritatingly small gaps, many students can’t seem to put it down. “It’s a fun game, but it’s super addicting,” junior Michael Yang said, “I’ll start playing for a little bit, and then all of the sudden I’ve been playing for like an hour.”

Despite its popularity, some students just don’t understand all of the hype. “It’s too simple to be this popular, I just think it’s kind of pointless,” junior Brendan Afshar said. Afshar’s disapproval of Flappy Bird started when he walked into a door while consumed by the game.

Along with millions of users worldwide, the game’s creator, Dong Nguyen, realized that this game was highly addictive. Earlier this year, Nguyen decided he could handle that he created such an “addictive product,” and deleted the app for good. “I was surprised he would just completely delete the app like that, but I guess it was probably for the best.” Afshar said.

Although some are heartbroken that Flappy Bird is no longer available, many people are taking advantage of this opportunity. Once the app was deleted, EBay was overflowed with people selling iPhones that had Flappy Bird on it, selling at upwards of $1,000. “Having a phone with Flappy Bird on it is so much more valuable now, definitely glad I downloaded it,” Yang said.