Latin Convention

Ashley Logan

On April 4th, 5th and 6th Latin students will be attending Latin Convention in Irvine, California to represent Miramonte and take tests, play games, and bond with their fellow classmates.

Students of Latin one, two, three, or four and members of Latin club may go. It is three days long and the location changes from Northern California to Southern California every two years.

On the first day students from many schools sign in, eat dinner, and then take two or three academic tests. The next day there are art, sport, and performing competitions.

People can choose from a variety of sports activities like volleyball, ultimate frisbee, swimming, basketball, chariot racing, and the catapult. The art activities are scrapbooking, impromptu art, banners, and costume design. Performing art activities include a dance competition, an instrumental performance, sight-reading, dramatic interpretation, and a speech in Latin.

“Last year, I really enjoyed watching the chariot races and ultimate frisbee,” sophomore Ellie Reed said. These are a couple of the most popular events along with a dancing and spirit competition.

Students can also participate in non-competitive activities like obstacle courses, board games, jewelry making, mosaics, and cookie decorating.

Another competition is called Certamen where there are teams for each Latin level that compete. “It’s like a game show with buzzers and everything. They just test your Latin knowledge,” Reed said.

When the second day comes to an end everyone gathers for a banquet where the winners of the competitions are announced. This year a dance will take place at Knott’s Berry Farm after the dinner.

Miramonte students who attend Latin Convention receive Magis points, which are extra points that are added to their grades. “Everyone has to get the points, so it just makes sense to go to convention and have fun,” Reed said.