Miramonte Students Get Crafty in 3-D Art

A panoramic of the 3-D Art Studio

E. Poling

A panoramic of the 3-D Art Studio

Ellie Poling

3-D Art, better known as “Crafts” to Miramonte students, is a fun elective that can easily become an addiction. With free materials and equipment that is otherwise expensive, Crafts is a great class to take to discover your artistic ability. Students work with both metal and clay. Mirador looks at some talented seniors to uncover their experiences in the class

Cari Carter: Sculptor/ Jewelry Maker

Carter has been in Art for three years, and she has loved every minute of it. Devastatingly, the project she has been working on for over a year, a large slab displaying the seven wonders of the world, recently exploded in the kiln. She is now working hard and fast to try to recreate it before the end of the year. Carter also has mastered the art of jewelry-making and whips out rings and pendants like it’s nobody’s business.

Dylan Watson: Potter

Watson regards his time in the studio as more of a Life Skills class than an art class. While he has enjoyed throwing bowls and vases on the wheel through his three years in the class, he has learned more than how to work with clay. “When I took this class I gained a lot more than I was expecting; for example, I learned how to barbeque and be a more proper guy,” Watson said. However, Watson’s love of creating inspired him to work in a different art medium, glass. For his WISE project this year Watson’s learning how to blow glass.

Izzy Fasheh: Potter/Master Glazer

As a third year crafter, Fasheh has become an amazing helper around the studio. As a teacher’s assistant for a 3-D Art 1 class, Fasheh has extra time to work on her own projects as well as help the new students learn the basics of throwing a pot on the wheel. Another way Fasheh helped out this year was by remaking example glaze tiles so people know what their projects will look like once they come out of the kiln.

Regan Fitch: Potter

“I have always loved pottery the most because I can try new techniques and experiment with glazes and something cool always comes out in the end,” Fitch said.

Fitch recommends the class to students in any grade, because of the variety of skills it offers. “Everyone who has taken it loves it, whether you’re a sophomore, junior, or senior.”

Bailey Martin: Sculptor

Martin’s enjoying her second year in the Crafts studio. Focusing mostly on sculpting, her current project is a giant octopus pot. Sculpting requires lots of practice and attention to detail. Once you master certain techniques it becomes a new and different way to work with clay.