National Charity League Seniors Say Goodbye

Olivia Vigo, Staff Writer

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The National Charity League Acalanes chapter 2014 senior class is finally graduating. On February 22 the hard-working girls presented their memories to the countless friends and families listening in the audience. Seniors, Brenna Lowery, Natalie Vigo, Julia Duncan, and Tori Yee represented Miramonte. National Charity League (NCL) is a mother daughter non-profit organization that volunteers with local shelters, hospitals, programs, and many more. The girls put together a slideshow of old photos and spoke to the crowd about their favorite memories.

“I loved getting to know everyone from different schools and helping the organization called Foster A Dream it really changed my perspective on life and how different our lifestyle is to one just a town away,” Vigo said.

Many people believe there are tons of awesome aspects of NCL, teenagers can expand their social circle while doing charity and participating in many social events.

“NCL is like a glorified sorority that also does some charity to help you get into college,” Megan Melohn ‘16 said.

On the other hand, many people who participate in NCL are open to reveal the other aspects of the league. Teas, banquets, and pointless social meetings take over the non-charity side. There is a group of individuals who think that it is chiefly cliquey girls and hung-up moms participating in the “informational” meetings once a month. Year after year, countless girls quit the league because of feeling excluded and the pressure of the group.

During a speech at the senior presents, Acalanes seniors left a very superficial comment: “… and we still dress the cutest at every meeting, and get the cutest boys.”  NCL is a superficial league that puts on a shield of “smiles and caring women” when in reality it’s elitist and wealthy families whose chief objective is to fit into society. If women in society have a passion for charity and helping others, they do not need National Charity League to do so.

“Ncl is just another task I have to mark off, we have certain required hours we need to meet for philanthropy so it’s just very pressured and the other half is so pointless,” Anna Casey ‘16 said.

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