Rain Feelings: A Different Perspective

Spencer Hardwick

How does the rain make me feel? Let me count the ways…

1. Rain makes me feel like the fairy queen of the forest, ruling prestigiously over my little armada of leaf people, as we gently float down the lazily twisting streams created by the rain.

2. Rain makes me feel like a sad possum. I just want to curl up and feel the warmth while the world outside is cold and wet, like a glass of water.

3. Rain makes me feel like the majestic phoenix, born again from the storm. I feel fresh and clean, as if the rain has cleaned me like a car wash would do to a car.

4. Rain makes me feel in touch with the universe, as if the water falling from the sky has traveled millions of miles, and has had a lifetime of experiences and emotions, before it fell from the clouds and landed on my iPhone screen.

5. Rain makes me want to abduct every single kitten the world and take them to a mountain cabin that has been turned into a coffee shop and just drink lattes while covered in cats, warmed by their tiny beating hearts.

6. Rain makes me feel like a young buck, exploring the world of springtime for the first time. The world is bright and green, and the moist green grass under me feels soft much in the way asphalt does not.

7. Rain makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like there’s a kitten stuck inside me, but I am just gonna keep him there because I like his little tickles and scratches of love.

8. Rain makes me feel like Mother Nature’s prodigal son, returning from my hedonistic ventures to find my benevolent mother making it rain all over me, much like Rick Ross does in the club.

9. Rain makes me feel like theres a tiny little elf inside of me, and when he realizes that it is raining he begins to stoke the fire of my heart, and it warms me from me head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes.
10. Rain makes me feel not only washed and new, but makes me look back on my mistakes, and reminds me to focus on the things that really matter: family, school, and my follower to following ratio on Twitter.