Are AP’s Worth the Effort and Stress?

Meghan Rogers, Staff Writer

To take the AP class or not to take the AP class, that is the question that has been on high school students’ minds since the classes were first introduced. Notorious for being more challenging than the average class, AP classes can be very difficult to endure and even more so to excel in. However, if the student is willing to put in the extra effort, these classes can be some of the most rewarding classes available in high school.

A signature quality of all AP classes is their fast pace. Unlike most courses, which finish the year in June, AP courses have to finish the year in May when the AP test takes place. The teachers will fly through their material and testing will be frequent because of the short amount of time in the year. However, this teaches students stronger study habits and to be more independent of their teachers.
“AP classes make you a better student because you have to figure out what study methods work well,” junior Davis Holmes said. “Then you can apply them to future AP’s and other difficult classes.”
However, AP’s do come with a price. Paying the AP test fee of $105 might seem like a hefty sum, but an AP class is easily the cheapest college course a parent could buy. The average tuition for students in the UC stystem including other fees is $12,192. Taking and passing AP tests aids students down the road in college to save money and progress academically. This is especially helpful should a student decide to change their major because it can potentially keep them from falling too far behind.
Unfortunately, AP classes do fall short in that some colleges do not accept the passing score of a three and only accept fours and fives. Some colleges, such as Dartmouth, do not see the classes as equivalent to their courses and do not offer credit at all. If a student does not feel that they can do well on the AP test, it might not be worth taking.

Since Miramonte has a very academically inclined student body, AP classes can seem like trophies, and a very daunting task to those who have never taken one. However, these classes can be the most rewarding classes at Miramonte if the student is willing to put the effort in.