Getting Through the Final Months of School

Ari Stein, Staff Writer

Surviving the last couple months of school can be difficult. The apathy builds up, need for sleep becomes more apparent, and hints of summer constantly remind you that you are not done with the year quite yet. Your life will be an emotional roller coaster filled with ups and downs. Each period seems longer than the last, and the tempation to procrastinate builds. So what can you do to plow through these final months and enjoy it?

Don’t Catch Senioritis

Senioritis may be tempting, but try to avoid it. Keep reminding yourself that hard work will pay off, and in the end you will be happy you ended the year with good grades. The harder you work, the less time there is to fantasize about summer and the school year will be over that much quicker.

Take Care of Yourself

As impossible as this might seem, sleep. Set aside time for yourself to catch up on rest, de- stress, and do simple things you might enjoy like baking, going on a walk with your dog, or spending time with your family.

Enjoy It

If you’re a freshman, appreciate the minimal homework. Sophomores be thankful for not being a junior, and juniors, enjoy almost being done with the SAT, ACT,

and hard year. For all the seniors, this is your last year of high school and college apps are done, so enjoy it!

Accept it

You’re not done with the school year yet. There will be plenty of tests ahead, another set of finals, and more sleepless nights. Mentally prepare yourself beforehand and learn to accept it.

Strive for No Summer School

Work hard now and have summer to relax. Set a goal for what grades you want to earn. Work towards them and remind yourself that after this, you have all of summer to not worry about tests. Who wants to spend their summer in a classroom retaking a class?

Have Fun on the Weekends

Enjoy yourself! Go out with friends, let loose and forget about the looming tests ahead for a little bit. Catch up on your favorite TV show and get a lot of rest. Try to get all your homework done on Friday so you can have the rest of the weekend to relax.