Goats of Denmark Celebrate 15 Years On Stage This May

Caroline Colwell, News Editor

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Goats of Denmark, an annual production put on independently by students. The show consists of a mix of different, unassociated comedic sketches, many of which are written by the cast themselves. Goats will hit the stage sometime in early May; however, the exact date is still to be determined.
Goats of Denmark is a performing group that puts together an annual show for the public. Performances were held at Miramonte back when the cast performed plays that had been written by other authors. When members began to write their own comedy scenes, they decided to branch out to the Rheem theater so they could perform without being censored by high school regulations. Due to recent dramatic price increases at the Rheem theater, the performance location of the 2014 show has not yet been decided.
It is the creativity involved in producing Goats of Denmark that the cast enjoys the most: “The best part of Goats is the amazing creative people I get to work with,” senior Alyssa Henderson said. “We have a lot of fun writing scripts together and just being foolish. It’s different because it is outside of school, we write our own material, and we perform things that aren’t necessarily school approved.”
Scene ideas are shared and assigned to cast members, who then fully develop the ideas into full scripts. The cast writes as many scenes as possible so that in the end there is a wide selection from which to choose. The best sketches are chosen and included in the final production. Most of the sketches are original creations, written by the cast themselves; however, a few scenes are often borrowed from various well known comedy groups.
Each year the cast includes roughly 10 students; often five girls and five guys. The 2014 cast includes seniors Daniel Cook, Dylan Watson, Chris Tennant, Elena Wasserman, Alyssa Henderson, and Nate Lloyd, junior Anita Levin, and sophomores Caroline Lake, Andy Tobin, and Max Hunt.
Although the Goats of Denmark welcomes auditions from all high school students, Goats mostly advertises sign-ups to Miramonte Drama students. This year, however, Goats has done its best to encourage a larger group of students from other performing arts classes and public speaking to get involved. Auditions for Goats takes place at the home of one of the current Goats leaders and applicants are judged as they rehearse a monologue of their choosing and by their improvisation skills.
“Goats is full of people who are all generally known as class clowns, have a unique sense of humor, and who enjoy performing,” Lloyd said.
This year’s Goats leaders are Cook and Watson. Each year the current leaders choose the leaders for the following year. This is Cook’s second year as leader, as he led the 2013 production with Ryan Colletta.
“My favorite part of being in Goats is creating an entire show from the ground up completely independent of school,” Cook said.
Rehearsals for the show are held for about an hour every week, but increase to twice a week as the performance date nears.
Although there is no official relationship between the Goats of Denmark and Performers for Progress, Goats members often audition for the show with a few scenes from their show. However, Goats does not intend for its members’ roles in the show to serve as self-promotion.
This year, the Goats of Denmark cast will be performing in Performers for Progress with a scene created by UCB comedy, as well as an original piece. In the past few years, The Goats of Denmark has also performed sketches created by The Harvard Sailing Team at Performers for Progress.