Juniorettes Spread Kindness Through Orinda


Youngjoo Ahn, Feature Editor

Miramonte is home to many clubs and organizations that represent diverse interests such as food, Harry Potter, Latin, or volunteering. Out of the many service clubs, the Juniorettes aim to foster leadership skills and make a positive impact in Orinda, the Bay Area, and beyond. Twenty-nine students comprise the first ever Juniorettes of Miramonte.
The Juniorettes are the youngest branch of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. Senior Margot Mai founded the club in 2010 because she wanted to give back to the community.

“I learned about the GFWC through Youth Ink, a middle school writing contest. I did some research and found that only two Juniorettes clubs exist in California and none near the Bay Area,” Mai said. “When I discussed the idea with some friends, we decided to get involved and were fortunate to receive support from the Orinda Junior Women’s Club.”

Mai and current President junior Sondra Abruzzo decided to make it a school club last year. Although the Juniorettes are traditionally an all girls club, membership became more open and meetings easier to attend. Being a school club also led to privileges such as school-wide advertising and specific projects catered to the student body.

“The Juniorettes are open to all high school students in the Bay Area. While we are a subdivision of the GFWC, we do not discriminate based on gender,” Mai said. “Boys are welcome to join and several even signed up during club day, though they have yet to show up to any meetings.”

Since community service is a huge part of the club, the goal is to complete at least one  big project every month.
“Face painting on the Fourth of July at the Orinda park is always fun because we get so many cute and excited little kids coming to get their faces painted,” Abruzzo said. “Also, this year we did a Relay for Life of Lamorinda which was 24 hour event where people walk to raise awareness and money for cancer.  Some people camped out overnight and stayed the whole 24 hours.”

“We have some projects that have become an annual tradition,” junior and Vice President Konnie Guo said. “For example in December, we hold our winter bake sale, and in April,  we have a walkathon in Tilden Park. All proceeds raised from these activities go to charities that we research and choose.”

“Over the next few years, I hope that the Juniorettes will grow. It would be really exciting if we could attract students from around the Bay Area as well as more students from Miramonte,” Mai said.