Miramonte Presents Performers for Progress

Kelly Cheng, Staff Writer

Tonight, Miramonte students will take to the stage to share their abilities in the visual and performing arts in an effort to aid charitable organizations around the world. Since its establishment, Performers for Progress has given Miramonte students the opportunity to showcase their talents while supporting charitable causes in its biannual production. Performers for Progress is a nonprofit, student-run program that hosts performing arts showcases to benefit charities.
This year’s show will raise money for Urban Tilth, a charity organization located in north Richmond, which hopes to cultivate agriculture in the western Contra Costa County, in order to help build a more sustainable and healthy food system. Urban Tilth works with individuals to develop the production of their own food supply within their community.
In the past, Performers for Progress has raised funds for charity organizations such as BuildOn, Free The Children, and the Against Malaria Foundation. Since 2007, students have raised over $50,000 for nonprofits around the world. This season’s Performers for Progress participants are hoping to generate $9,000 in proceeds to aid Urban Tilth’s budgeting for 2014 spring and summer projects.
Performers for Progress co-producers juniors Samuel Shain and Marina Box are excited to manage the production of this season’s show. “This year’s Performers for Progress will be unlike any other. We have more sponsorships and have an incredibly eclectic set list for the show,” Shain said. “There will be 18 pieces this year. Acts will range from singing to acting to dancing and so on. In all, we will have a total of more than 60 students assisting with the production of this show.”
Performances at Miramonte have even influenced the adoption of Performers for Progress campaigns in locations outside of our own school. On Saturday, March 29, Menlo High School hosted the first production of Performers for Progress outside of Miramonte. Students at Menlo raised $572 for their nonprofit partner Taft Elementary School, whose mission is to “educate every child for success.” Campolindo students are also working to establish their own program for next year.
This year’s performance will feature musical and dance performances, theatrical sketches, and even magic tricks. Performers will include students of all ages and not only from Miramonte, but also other high schools in the area. The show opens tonight at 7 p.m. and will continue tomorrow at the same time. Tickets are on sale online on the webstore until 3 p.m. each day. Adult tickets will be priced at $15, student tickets at $10, and seats can be specially reserved for $20.