How To Dress Like a Stud Muffin


Sommar Veverka

Sophomore John Stenovec rocks the new style of short shorts during one fine day in May.

Sommar Veverka, Staff Writer

Every girl enjoys a well dressed guy. Whether he rocks the lacrosse boathouse jacket, the hipster beanie, or the classic chubbies, it’s important to look good. Recently many guys have showed an interest in fashion trends, and dressing well has become  a part of the daily routine for many Miramonte fellows. Many have decided to ditch the basketball shorts for something that  reflects  their personality. Snaps to the boys…


1. Short Shorts for Boys –  The preppy 80’s look is back in action.  The shorter short craze has taken over the Miramonte campus. Whether they are Chubbies or Aenas, many guys are into them. “Trends seem to be shorter shorts and pastel colors,”sophomore John Stenovec said. The Chubbie company is known for their tasteful colors and prints for their shorter shorts.  “I like the shorter shorts because they give you a sense of freedom, and who doesn’t love freedom,” Stenovec said.

2. Water Polo v. Lacrosse Game Day Dress Up – These two teams on campus have uped their game day looks. For the water polo team many rock their game day polos with khakis and active socks. Similarly, the lacrosse team dresses in a button down shirt and tie with khakis. “We dress up to show team spirit. I think it’s always been a tradition to do some type of dress up on game day, whether it be polo shooter shirts or fancy clothes,”  junior Sam Essahboy said.

Active v Adrenaline Socks – Every sports team has their own trademark, however the battle of the socks between boys water polo and lacrosse team is a fight.  Adrenaline socks have either lacrosse sticks or a figure of a lacrosse player on the back. Different from active to Active, which has the name written vertically on the socks.

3. On that hype –  California guys embrace the surfer and vintage tee look. has swept the Miramonte campus and emptied bank accounts.Some of the best dressed of Miramonte can be found strutting down the hallways in the swell merchandise. The online company is doing it big for the Orindians.

4. West Coast Prep – East coast based companies such as Vineyard Vines and Peter Millar trump the laid back typical skater/ surfer Californian style. West Coast prep not only incorporates east coast iconic fashion but  also the surfer look.  Californians are all about comfort and relaxation. It’s the chill life after all.

5. Foot Candy – The classic skater shoes, Vans, will never go out of style for these California boys. However, Sperries, Rainbow flip flops, converse, and Nike running shoes are on the feet of almost every guy at Miramonte. Foot Candy is a must have in order to have a complete look.