Miramonte Sailing Competes with Top Teams

Juliet Miller, Feature Editor

Over the weekend of April 26, four Miramonte students competed in the Pacific Coast Sailing Championship. The regatta was held at the San Diego Yacht Club, where over 30 west coast teams competed, including the top 22 ranked teams in California. This was the “Gold” regatta; teams who did not qualify attended a separate event called “Silver.”

“At this regatta, the wind reached 20 knots with gusts of 30 knots, which is challenging because Lucy Wilmot, who is a skipper, and I, are a light pair compared to the other boats,” sophomore Molly Colwell, a crew member on Miramonte’s team, said. A knot is a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile, approximately 1.151 mph.
Senior Guy Raber is also a skipper, which means he steers the boat using the tiller. A skipper also controls the main sail on the boat. Raber recalls the most difficult part of the race:

“At the starting line where all the boats in the fleet have to compete in a small space for the best position in the beginning of the race. Since a bad start can make the entire race unrecoverable, there’s a lot of stress and pressure in the three minutes we have to set up for the starting sequence.”

Miramonte placed 10th at the regatta, ending the season in ninth out of all west coast teams. Breaking the top 10 was a huge accomplishment for the Miramonte Sailing Team since the club team was competing against many varsity programs that have much more experience.

Miramonte Sailing practices on the Alameda-Oakland estuary out of the Encinal Yacht Club once a week. And though they are not sponsored, the athletes’ parents dedicate time to the team and help them at each event.
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