Reyherme Illuminates the Future

Elena Wasserman, Staff Writer

As the school year comes to an end, it is not just the senior class that will be leaving Miramonte. Beloved English teacher Frank Reyherme will also be leaving the Miramonte community position for a job with Illuminate Education.

“I was using Illuminate a lot as a teacher, and I would constantly have questions about the program so I was always contacting them for help,” Reyherme said.

It looked like the constant contact with them was good, because soon enough Illuminate was looking for a new teaching position at their company, and Reyherme was on the list of candidates for the job.

“The job I’ll have at Illuminate will be split up into multiple parts,” Reyherme said. “I will be traveling to schools all over Northern California and training district office personnel and teachers on how to use Illuminate. Along with that, I also listen to educators’ needs and communicate the information to the programmers who design the app.”

Illuminate is a relatively new app that helps K-12 teachers enrich the classroom experience through quizzing/polls/etc.

“Before I started using Illuminate I felt like I was flying blind; I would just teach, test, and repeat,” Reyherme said. “Whereas now, before I even teach, I give a test and find out what my students need to learn and what they already know and then teach accordingly.”

Illuminate has a lot of innovative resources that are helpful to the classroom experience, which makes teaching much easier for all teachers, including Reyherme.

“In the end, I really believe in education; it’s what I’ve dedicated my life to. It’s all about helping the students learn. I think it’s important, and what I’m most excited about this job is that if I do a good job, I will be able to help more students learn than I ever could teaching in a single classroom,” Reyherme said.

Reyherme has been teaching a total of four years here at Miramonte, and along with the graduating seniors, has memories at Miramonte that he will never forget.

“I will never be able to forget my relationships with the students,” Reyherme said. “I may teach the same things year after year, but what makes it different is the people. I don’t teach English, I teach the students.”