What did Freshmen Think of Miramonte?

Bryn Linderman: Linderman entered high school will low expectations. “I thought that I was going to hate it and not be able to find any friends,” Linderman said. Despite her uneasiness she made new friends and learned a lot about being organized and on top of things. “I didn’t think the workload was going to be that bad but then I got here and ended up getting no sleep,” Linderman said. Some things Linderman learned from her first year of high school is to not watch so much TV and to do homework and projects early instead of procrastinating.

Isaac Pugh: “As an eighth grader I didn’t think that Miramonte was going to have much more homework than OIS  but it turned out to be harder work, so it takes longer to do,” Isaac said. Before school started he was a little concerned with how the shorter brunch time and longer classes would affect him, but overall Isaac said it seemed well balanced. “My least favorite part of freshman year was the beginning, where I was adjusting to the environment and the homework,” Isaac said. One thing that he misses about OIS is how there wasn’t a lot of pressure to do well on things so it was more relaxed.

Spencer Pugh: Unlike most freshmen, Spencer was eager to start his first year at Miramonte. “I didn’t really think about how difficult the workload was going to be because I was excited about going to high school. When I did start getting all the homework, it quickly brought me back to reality and I could tell that people weren’t kidding,” Spencer said. Some differences that he noticed were that there is more spirit at high school than middle school and that there is a bigger hierarchy between classes. “My favorite part of the year was running track and cross country. It was really fun and helped me to become a better person and runner,” Spencer said. One thing that Spencer misses about middle school is the 8:45 start.

Rosie Chester: Chester came into Miramonte expecting the workload to be much harder than it was at OIS. Like she predicted, “it has been harder but it’s doable if you budget your time and are organized,” Chester said. One of Chester’s favorite parts about entering Miramonte was participating in the swim team. Similar to other freshmen, Chester didn’t like the start of the school year because of all the transitioning but once she got used to it she began to like high school. Chester enjoys the independence at Miramonte and was happy to “leave behind a lot of strict rules at OIS.”

Leila Minowada: Minowada was surprised that her classes had a lot more students of different grades in them than Orinda Intermediate School. Like many freshmen she was expecting a lot of homework and late nights. “One of the things that I thought was part of the ways of high school was loads of homework. In reality the homework load was a lot harder, but definitely not as bad as I had predicted,” Minowada said. Although Minowada did not enjoy PE she liked being at a larger school and having more control over her schedule. Like Spencer, Minowada misses the later start from middle school but she has gotten used to the Miramonte schedule with a shorter brunch and longer classes.

Holly Melohn: “I had heard a lot about high school being very hard so I expected a lot of homework but it wasn’t as bad as I thought,” Melohn said. In leadership, as Vice President of her freshman class, she enjoyed setting up for rallies and spirit weeks. “My least favorite part of freshman year was taking all the tests and writing essays all the time,” Melohn said. Although she was glad to leave the dress code at OIS she misses sleeping in and the easiness of her classes.