How To Spend Your Money

Margaret Ross, News Editor

You’ve just received your paycheck for your new after school job. Or maybe you just babysat for a whole afternoon for four wild kids. You know that money isn’t meant to sit in your sock drawer, but how do you know what is worthy of that hard-earned cash? Luckily, the Mirador staff employs an expert money-spender: me. I’m here to make sure you waste no time deciding what to waste your money on.

The best cash-guzzler for me is the increasingly popular juice industry. Whether it’s as close as Lafayette’s Whole Foods or a BART ride away in San Francisco’s Ferry Building, juice is all over the bay and it’s not getting any cheaper.

There are two classic go-to juice brands that can be found at Whole Foods. One is Whole Foods’ store brand juice, with tasty but simple favors like Kale Yeah, Coconut Water, and Orange Juice. The Whole Foods brand is a great way to jump into juice if you’re new to the scene.

Once you’ve mastered the fruits and veggies there, turn to BluePrintJuice; it’s vegan, raw, unpasteurized, kosher, gluten-free, USDA organic, non GMO verified and usually less than $15 for a regular 16 oz bottle! That means that if I don’t fill up my car with gas for a week, I can buy almost four bottles! My favorite of their intriguing flavors is Gold, with pineapple, apple, and mint. But don’t miss the Yellow, with lemon, cayenne, and agave. Also available at Whole Foods, Safeway, and most Starbucks, is a diverse brand of juices, smoothies, and snacks called Evolution Juice. From green to fruity, the cold-pressed juices satisfy whatever tastiness you’re craving.

If you’re not afraid of leaving Lamorinda, the best of juice can be found on the other side of the bay. The juice that absolutely takes the (gluten free, organic) cake is California’s own Pressed Juicery. With four locations in San Francisco, and one coming soon to Walnut Creek, Pressed Juicery is based on the idea that to find balance and health, we have to go back to our roots and consume vital nutrients. There are two current seasonal flavors; the first is a zesty green blend of kale, romaine, spinach, yuzu (who knew that was a thing?), pink lady apple, cucumber, and jalapeno, and the second is a sweet and refreshing with raspberry, rhubarb, watermelon, strawberry, and pineapple. For only about $7 per bottle, Pressed Juicery’s wide range of flavors is worth trying. Plus, Pressed Juicery is the LA trend, and you’re bound to be mistaken for a Hollywood star or a runway model if you’re spotted strolling through Malibu with a Pressed Juice in your hands. Isn’t it worth the money to blend in with the celebs?