Water Bottle Preferences

Juliet Miller, Feature Editor

What seems to be a competitor of the classic Camelbak, Contigo bottles are not only cheaper than Camelbak, but they have a handy button that opens the mouthpiece for you. Senior Stephen Nicholson, who once used his friend’s Contigo, said: “The snazzy automatic button that pops the spout out is nice, but it can leak very easily.” The mouthpiece is not a bite valve; it’s just open. This means that when exposed, water can just pour out. There may be a few problems with the bottle, but overall this is a great choice.

What’s not to like about the Camelbak? It’s classic style, color options, and reliability is hard to beat. Freshman Caroline Ricksen sings nothing but praises of her beloved bottle. “It fits perfectly in my backpack cupholder and they last for years,” Ricksen said. Camelbak, whose headquarters are in Petaluma, have been around since the late 80’s. The company started out by just selling their now famous, hydration packs, and now sell over 10 different styles of water bottles. “You see them everywhere, and because they’re so popular it’s quite easy to take someone’s by mistake,” Ricksen said.

Senior Shannon Moran not only carries her blue and green Nalgene around to stay hydrated, but she also supports a non-profit at the same time. “My Agua for Nicaragua water bottle is cute and helps spread awareness for the cause as well. I’m looking forward to seeing more and  more students with these bottles as the year goes on,”ASB Treasurer Moran said.The Nalgene bottles are available for purchase on the web store. The water drop design on the bottle is also a great touch.