Seniors Share Insight on How to Handle Junior Year

Ari Stein, Staff Writer

Junior year is the year everyone dreads. Although you are now an upperclassman, the year is full of SAT/ACT prep, hard classes, lots of work, the start of the college process and sleepless nights. So how do you deal with this? Seniors give their advice to juniors on how to survive junior year.


Sarah Stewart: “Sleep as much as you possibly can, you will need it.”

Alison Bogy: “Take the ACT or SAT your junior year not your senior year”

Cole Wirtz: “Start college apps in the summer”

Haley Stanten: “keep on chuggin”

Katie Shepherd: “be sure to find balance, and enjoy the fun aspects of being an upper classman”

Stephanie Sloves: “Go to J prom and senior ball if you can, because they are both really fun and are highlights of the year”