Ten Scary Movies That Will Leave You Spooked

Ari Stein, Staff Writer

As Halloween rolls around and the temperature drops, the mood shifts from hot summer nights to scary movie nights. The Mirador recommends top scary movies to enjoy this fall.

  1. The Exorcist: A classic scary movie about an exorcism that is sure to have a lasting effect. A 12 year old girl being possessed by demons is quite an unsettling sight. It might even be enough to make you believe in demons. Good luck sleeping after watching this.
  2. Paranormal Activity: This single camera movie shot in the first person sends chills down your spine. As the movie progresses, the tension builds up, and unlike most movies, pays off.
  3. The Sixth Sense: If it has had 45 nominations for awards, then you know it is good. Also, it is quite unsettling watching a little boy experience the supernatural.
  4. The Shining: A family heads to what they thought was a normal hotel, but boy were they wrong. Evil and spiritual presences causes family members to descend into madness and ultimately try to kill their family. Next time you are staying at a hotel, look it up and research it to make sure there are no evil spirits.
  5. Saw: This psychological thriller, will you have you on the edge of your seat anticipating the next move.
  6. Chucky: Chucky’s face is enough to haunt you.
  7. The Conjuring: Don’t watch this if you are home alone in a farmhouse.
  8. Jaws: This will scare anyone afraid of sharks, the ocean, being attacked by sharks, or having a shark wash up while lounging on the beach,. If you ever freak out imagining being swarmed by sharks, thank Jaws for that. It is recommended to not think about this movie on your spring break snorkeling in Hawaii.
  9. Carrie: After being outcasted by the students at schools and pushed too far at prom, Carrie unleashes her telekinetic powers on her town causing havoc. This movie will cause you to rethink how you treat your peers and silently hope no one has telekinetic powers.
  10. 28 Days Later: What would you do if a deadly virus was spreading throughout your town that infects people with a murderous rage?