STN MTN / Kauai Review


STN MTN / Kauai Cover

Christian Santiago, Staff Writier

STN MTN / Kauai is the newest mixtape and EP from rapper Childish Gambino. Continuing with the story that he started with his first album “Camp,” and continued with “Because the Internet,” the mixtape STN MTN follows the character known as “The Boy” as he dreams of running Atlanta, and the EP “Kauai” follows “The Boy” waking up on a beach.


With this narrative, STN MTN is a sort of parody of the ‘ratchet rap’ sub genre, having most of the beats be ‘bangers’ and having a similar flow to Drake. Kauai has a laid back vibe to it, with samples of ocean waves, birds chirping and featuring Jaden Smith doing spoken word.


STN MTN/ Kauai has a great concept, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good project. The reason why I love Childish Gambino so much is that he has shown growth through the four + years that he has been rapping. But this project seems to be a step back instead of a step forward. His jokes and punchlines are at his corniest ever, and he’s making references to places in Atlanta which a lot of people just don’t get.

With “Because The Internet,” he was introspective and had forward thinking production. But with STN MTN, he’s ignorant just for the sake of being a character. Kauai does have better production than STN MTN, but a lot of the raps fall flat and the addition of Smith makes no sense at all. If you want a good Childish Gambino mixtape, with great features and production and with awesome bangers, go check out ‘Royalty’. But STN MTN/ Kauai fell flat.