Agua for Nicaragua: Fundraisng for Clean Water


Layne Estes, Staff Writer

Behind the fixation over the florescent green Agua for Nicaragua water bottles that are being sold at Miramonte, a village in Nicaragua depends on the proceeds in order to build wells for prized clean water. Paired with the organization called Free the Children, Miramonte has raised money to support this process by selling the popular water bottles on campus. The Miramonte Leadership class sold over 90 of them in the past month.

“Through this organization, it’s all about children helping children. There are many support systems to choose from – cattle, shelter, education etc, but we are supporting building wells for clean drinking water, because it’s essential,” Leadership Treasurer senior Shannon Moran said. “We will stay with the village in Nicaragua as long as they need to get sustainable

drinking water.”

All of the fundraising that the Leadership class participates in benefits this organization. The Leadership class already has funded the building of one well in El Trapiche, the village in Nicaragua. The essential addition of the well prevents the people of El Trapiche from having to travel far for their water.

“Our fundraising is making a difference because anything helps. This is a really reputable organization, and we have been affiliated with it since 2012. We all voted that this was something we wanted to do, and we were all inspired to give back. It is important to give back because we are so fortunate,” ASB President senior Betsy Fellner said.

To put in one well, it costs the Leadership class $5000. The water bottles sell for $15, while they cost $10 to make – thus a profit of $5 is donated to the village per water bottle.  Considering that over 90 water bottles have been sold, Leadership is well on their way to funding for more clean water.

“I like that I’m supporting the village in Nicaragua while being nice and trendy. The water bottles are awesome and super cute, and it’s nice because they are big,” junior Lizzie Fabian said.