Fall Play Preview

Christian Santiago, Staff Writer

Today is the last day to see the Miramonte Players perform the play Arabian Nights by Mary Zimmerman. Arabian Nights is a spin on the classic 9th century folklore tales of the 1001 Arabian Nights, in which a young girl named Scheherazade tells a new story to her king every night to save her life.


“This is not a traditional play,” Director Heather Cousins said. “Everything happens before the audience’s eyes. The entire cast is on stage the entire time. Lots of actors play musical instruments. The audience will see props be utilized and costume changes on stage. So it’s not traditional in the sense that actors will go off stage, mask what we don’t want them to see, then come back on. Everything happens on stage.”


Because there are many stories intertwined in the play, there will be an ensemble cast playing many different characters. “The play has so many different stories, from comedic, to dramatic, so I’m fairly certain anyone of any age can enjoy the show,” junior and male lead Andrew Tobin said. You might recognize Tobin from roles such as Lord Farquaad in last year’s musical, Shrek the Musical. “Lord Farquaad has sort of become my personal stereotype and I’ve been pigeonholed as that character, but I’m out to outgrow Farquaad with this play.”


Music also plays a big part in Arabian Nights. “We use music to help tell the story and enhance it as well,” Cousins said. “We have this amazing group of students who are creating new and original songs for the play. A lot of the dialogue is underscored by the music.” The instruments range from guitars and tambourines to traditional Arabic instruments, like a baglama.


The student actors in the play are also required to have an essential tech or stage job. These jobs range from costume design to promotion. “Being stage manager is fun, but it can also be difficult when the actors are off task,” co-stage manager Eric Lee said. “But I’m fairly certain the end product will be amazing.”  You can buy tickets at the MHS webstore or at the door.