Pro: Is Affirmative Action Fair

Sofia Ruiz, Staff Writer

Affirmative action is when a minority group is favored for positions as compensation for discrimination in history. Affirmative action creates an even playing field for people of all races, and should be part of college and job applications.

Racism is still prevalent in the United States, even after the human rights movement supposedly brought equality to all Americans.

Although no longer “legal,” racism still presents a problem in U.S. society, where people of color still suffer from poverty at higher rates, which often correlates with less access to quality educational opportunities.  Socioeconomics and education are tied together. Poorer areas of the country lack the resources to create a good learning environment for the kids there.

Affirmative action would help even the playing field for those people who do not have all the chances others have, such as access to good schools, and enough money to pay for tutors, sports equipment, and volunteering – many of the things that students need to be accepted into colleges.

Opponents of this action say that it is “reverse racism,” but this action is not meant to make sure minorities overrule the majority in universities and the workplace, but rather to even the playing field, and to eliminate racism from these areas.

Some people of color don’t have the best opportunities growing up, and have lower socioeconomic standing, which is due to a violent past of ethnic tensions, and segregation. Affirmative action is attempting to repair the harms done, and raise America to a certain level of equality not previously seen in its history.

Also, affirmative action will help bring diversity to college campuses. With a mix of different cultures, an acceptance of all races and ethnicities will help foster generations of equality and understanding. Universities will become mini metropolitan areas, where diverse ideas come together to create new ways of thinking.

Additionally, the cycle of poverty can be ended with affirmative action because people historically disadvantaged in the competitive college admissions process will get a leg up. Ultimately they will be able to receive higher education to get better paying jobs, which will lead to their children being educated because they would live in a good area and go to a good school. This will help the people born into poverty have an opportunity to pull themselves up, and eventually help and lead others to the same route.