Yoga Pants Are Public Enemy No. One

Sofia Ruiz, Staff Writer

There is a serious problem affecting many schools throughout United States. It is an epidemic so infectious that almost every girl (and even some boys) have fallen into its grasp. The tight waistbands, the sleekness, the pitch black color, the length: ranging from calf to ankle, the Lululemons, Nike, PINK, Athleta, Target: the yoga pants.

“How is this a problem?” one might ask. Aren’t they comfortable? Simple? Used for exercise and active lifestyles? What about lounging at home? Giving people an easy way to prepare for the day, so they spend less time fidgeting with their uncomfortable jeans in math class? WRONG. ALL WRONG.

These pants are destroying the American education system and endorsing wildly inappropriate behavior among teenage students. These pants should be banned from all high schools, and some schools have already taken the initiative such as Devil’s Lake High School in North Dakota, Haven Middle School in Illinois, and even Orinda Intermediate School tried to make it happen (it was a miserable failure).

But really. . . do these pants actually have such disastrous consequences on a person’s education? Some argue that it does distract students from their studies, but only if that person is a male and is around girls wearing yoga pants.

Proponents of the ban argue that boys get distracted when girls wear yoga pants, and it will detract from those boys’ education. If a boy cannot concentrate on schoolwork due to a girl wearing clothing that reveals the existence of a body, then perhaps, those boys have larger problems than Algebra or AP English.

Instead of telling girls it is their fault that boys cannot concentrate, boys should be taught to not hyper-sexualize the female body, and to accept legs seen in yoga pants as just legs. This issue does not just affect students who enjoy wearing comfortable pants, but all women, because the media and society only paint women in a light where they are just there to be aesthetically pleasing to men. It is an outdated idea, but it resonates in all corners of American culture.

From the dehumanizing ads plastered on every billboard and aired on every television channel in the country, to this yoga pants problem, society prioritizes girls’ bodies over their brains. It conditions girls to grow up believing that the only important thing about them is their bodies, which is the last thing anyone should hear in a place meant for learning. School is avenue where both boys and girls gain knowledge and skills necessary to become productive members of scoiety, and maybe even change the world.

Sending girls home to change when they are wearing yoga pants, and therefore causing them to miss class, sends the message that a boy’s education is more important than a girl’s.

If the only thing that seems to matter is a girl’s body and whether or not she is distracting a guy, then what will those girls be like when they grow up?

Those girls will grow up to become women who fuss over their appearance and who strive to appeal to men’s every whim. They will be self-conscious, and will not grow into the confident, intellectual people that a school should be shaping them into.

It would not be acceptable for a woman to hear comments about her body in the workplace, or that her legs are too distracting. Therefore, it is not acceptable for a young student to have to hear that, especially those as young as nine or 10 years old.

Instead of a school administration banning a certain type of pants, it should be teaching students that a girl’s appearance is not more important than her education. Simply by letting students wear what they want, women’s bodies won’t be seen as sexual objects.