Latin Club Dominates Yet Again

Andrew Johnston

Last Saturday over 85 Latin students went to Ludi Novembres, the California Junior Classical League in Northern California to compete in academic and fun events revolving around the ancient world.  Besides success in the grape eating contest and soccer,  the students earned honor and glory on academic tests.   On top of many fun events, students enjoyed informative lectures from professors from UC Davis.


Junior Shawn Hanariar placed first on three academic tests and enjoyed the experience a lot. “We arrived at St. Francis High School in Sacramento and were immediately confronted by hundreds of other students. The first thing we did was gather in a large gym for an assembly and were forced to watch a video. After that we took tests including reading comprehension, vocabulary, history, mythology, and derivatives. It’s good Miramonte had many smart representatives that placed well on the academic tests. The convention was then open to more freestyle activities where people would go play sports or attend workshops.”


Overall the experience was very positive and everyone had a good time. Holding up back to back convention titles, Ludi serves as a practice run for the main course which will be taken place in March. “Everyone had fun and that’s really the most important thing,” Latin teacher Matt Davis said. Davis encourages everyone to take Latin for valuable knowledge as well as fun events that take place throughout the year.