Tech-Savvy in Sixty: Matadors Participate in Worldwide Hour of Code

Grayson Judge

Starting Dec. 9, AP Computer Science teacher Cindy Boyko and her students will bring the Hour of Code to Miramonte. Hour of Code is a campaign sponsored by, a non-profit organization backed by large tech companies like Google and Microsoft.

The goal of Hour of Code is to teach basic coding skills to as many people as possible. Since high skilled job opportunities at tech companies are in high demand yet supply of people comfortable in code is low, wants to spread basic coding around the world. Hour of Code has reached over a 180 countries and is now available in over 30 languages, completely for free. The event, which lasts from Dec. 8-14, will be the largest learning event in history.

Junior Nicholas Bavafa is leading the charge to increase participation in Hour of Code and to do this he wants as many teachers as possible to bring their class to room 444 for a period to join the movement.

“Last year, 15 million people tried an hour of code, and the goal this year is even higher, something like 25 million. We want every Miramonte student to be able to do basic code. As of now we have four classes signed up and we want that number to rise” Bavafa said.