Yang & Barrons’ Swagger Takes Flight

Juliet Miller, Feature Editor

Seniors Michael Yang and Holly Barrons have teamed up to start a clothing line for Lamorinda’s most sophisticated teens and adults. Brit and Yang was established this past June. The creators are proud to say that the word-of-mouth business is spreading quickly throughout the Miramonte campus. The two fashionistas  originally found inspiration from classic golf shirts and other pretty sportswear. They then decided that polos with pockets need to return to the forefront of today’s popular styles.

Barrons was the mastermind behind the idea to use men’s ties as the pockets and straps on Brit and Yang’s mens’ and womens’ collections.

Brit and Yang shirts can be purchased online at www.britandyang.com for $40 or in-person where the two will be giving students a discount at $30.

Barrons and Yang have decided to donate 15 percent of their sales to a charity that is close to both of their hearts. The Wheelchair Foundation provides wheelchairs to children whose families aren’t able to afford them. “My cousin is disabled and my aunt had a hard time affording the wheelchair, and this foundation really helped them out,” Barrons said.

“My biggest fear is being paralyzed, so this foundation would possibly help me in my future,” Yang said.

Brit and Yang’s summer photoshoot, which debuted their first collection, came together with help from friends and family.

Yang’s mom, Ting Zhang, photographed the group, who are all big supporters of the brand.

Though Barrons and Yang have had many successes with their new endeavor, they have faced some challenges. Between website design issues and complications with manufacturing, the duo spent much of their summer figuring out some of these problems.

Barrons does most of the sewing while Yang works on the marketing of their product. The pair says they are working on new designs including crop-tops for this coming spring.

Besides the Miramonte community, Brit and Yang is being publicized at other schools. Barrons’ and Yang’s close friend, and Brit and Yang enthusiast, Blake Kami, has been advertising the brand at Bentley.

“Our brand is unique and we know it won’t attract everyone, but I am a student taking a passion of mine and turning it into a reality,” Yang said. He takes pride in his individuality and wants to express his unique style through fashion.