Miramonte Cheer Takes Nationals

Layne Estes, Staff Writer

In March of 2015, the Miramonte Cheer Team attended one of the most prestigious competitions in the country – Nationals in Anaheim – hosted by the United Spirit Association. In order to attend this event, cheer teams must be awarded with an average score of 75 or above before penalties are deducted at a USA spirit qualifier. The Miramonte Cheer Team finished fourth in the nation overall at Nationals.

In hopes of doing well at Nationals, the team prepared for many hours ahead of time. In the end, their hard work paid off as they concluded the season successfully. “Nationals is a lot of practice mentally and physically with a goal to make it to day two, then to place well on the second day,” Lauren Kozicki ‘17 said.

The Miramonte Cheer Team has been to nationals five times in the past. This year, they competed in the Small Cheer Show Novice division. Only the best six advance to the finals. “This year we did better than past years because we competed in a larger and more advanced division,” sophomore Kaylie Parr said. “To prepare we scheduled extra practices, took tumbling classes and made time for team bonding.”

Not only is Nationals exclusively for competition, but it provides a good bonding experience as well. “I loved Nationals so much, and I got to bond with my team. We all had such a great time on and off the mat and it was such a worthwhile experience,” sophomore Cheer Team member Kozicki said. “Right before we perform we all really take a moment and appreciate each other and how much we’ve come together this year to become so close as a team.”