Fright Fest Haunts Miramonte Students

Amanda DeVecchi, Staff Writer

At first, Senior Claire Manrique was in the middle of her group so nothing could attack her. Unfortunately, she somehow ended up at the back. She plugged her ears, closed her eyes and stopped walking. When she thought she was safe, she unplugged her ears and opened her eyes. But in fact, she wasn’t safe. A zombie was behind her with a chainsaw and said “run.” So all she could do was scream and run; everything jumped out at her on the way out. Needless to say Claire didn’t go on another haunted house the rest of her trip.

It’s that time of year again, Halloween, the time when Six Flags and Great America flourish. Especially for high schoolers, these two parks are the main attractions because they are relatively close, scary and can act as a place for social gathering. Six Flags  heavily redecorated for the event, and features attractions such as haunted houses, and indoor mazes. The events at both parks typically occur during weekends from mid to late September through Halloween.

Senior Claire Manrique has been to the Six Flags twice and was really entertained despite being really scared, “I like fright fest because it’s funny to see other people’s reactions to the scary people, but you also experience it yourself. I’ve been to Fright Fest two times and left crying both times.” Senior Alea Barrios had a similar experience, but at the Great America Fright Fest. “The main difference is fright fest at Great America is a lot bigger and the haunted houses are scarier. I think both are tons of fun though.”

Fright Fest at Six Flags is well known for the makeup on the creatures they have in the haunted houses as well as the themed Scare Zones throughout the park. “It makes me feel better knowing the zombies can’t touch you,” said Manrique. Both seniors think it’s better to go with a group because it’s more entertaining. “If I didn’t go with my friends I wouldn’t have gone,” Manrique said. “The way it usually works if we decide that we want to go and find a day that we are free.”

Although tickets are somewhat expensive for the two events, both seniors think if there was a better deal more people would go. Barrios said, “More people would go if tickets were cheaper, but that’s why you can get the season pass. It’s really worth it.” The times are relatively convenient at Six Flags considering they considering that Fright Fest is open from September to November first. “We always find times to go, my friends and I. We make it work.” Some people who attend Fright Fest don’t get scared easily;they just go to laugh at their friends that get scared. Manrique unfortunately is one who gets scared easily. “I bring a spare change of pants with me.” Manrique is not alone when it comes to leaving scared to death. Barrios, as well, is scared easily despite going to Fright Fest since she was little. “I had nightmares for a week after, and my friend Paige she cried.”

If you have nothing to do on Halloween night, get a group of friends together and head to Six Flags or Great America and experience the frights for yourself. You won’t be disappointed when you leave the park.