New Classes To Come to Miramonte Next Year

Pearl Biggers, Staff Writer

Next year, Miramonte will offer a number of new elective classes to students, including Law 2 Honors, Stagecraft, AP Computer Science Principles and Musical Theatre Workshop. These classes will provide students with the ability to further pursue their unique interests and add variety to the electives already offered.

“Law and Society was really cool,” said sophomore Megan Tom, who will take Law 2 Honors, taught by Mike Rose, next year. “I really want to learn more about the same stuff.”

The class will be the next level of Law and Society, which Rose also teaches. Law 2 is offered only to students who have already completed the course and expands upon the curriculum. “[I created the class because] it’s a class I’ve always wanted to teach and there’s been a tremendous amount of student interest,” said Rose, who personally created the Law and Society class at Miramonte. “The class will benefit students in that there’s a great amount of listening and speaking. You get an opportunity to hear opposing viewpoints…We talk about current events, we talk about both sides of current events, we talk about politics, about the election, we talk about everything that you’re not supposed to talk about in public conversation, except we talk about it in a thoughtful way and I think that really engages the students.”

Another new class, Stagecraft, created and taught by drama teacher Heather Cousins, will serve as a basis of knowledge in the technical theatre, focusing more on technical aspects of backstage work rather than on acting, such as in Drama. “There must be a demographic of students out there whom I’ve never met who have so many skills to offer,” Cousins said. “This is an opportunity for something very hands-on.”

Stagecraft is a class both for individuals who are heavily involved in all aspects of drama, and for those who do not enjoy the performance aspects as much.

“I really like drama performances, but I don’t like performing. So I would really like to be behind the scenes,” said sophomore Saffron Munkres, who signed up to take Stagecraft next year. “I’d love to be a part of theatre without having to actually be onstage.”

In the dramatic category is also Musical Theatre Workshop, created by Cousins as well as Meredith Hawkins, the choir teacher.

The class will further students’ education in musical theatre specifically, giving them an opportunity to pursue their interest in both dramatic performance and musical performance at once, rather than having to choose between the two by taking Chorus or Drama. “The myth is that only students who are already super star singers, actors and dancers should sign up for this class. All of us in Visual and Performing Arts  believe that there is place for everyone in our programs at Miramonte,” Hawkins said. “That being said, any student that is interested in learning more about it should sign up – particularly if they are interested in doing something creative and active during the school day, as well as more experienced students who want to gain more knowledge and exposure as performers.”

Additionally, AP Computer Science Principles will be offered to sophomores, juniors and seniors. The class is described on the new courses list handed out to students as having a “unique focus on creative problem solving and real world applications.” The description also says that the class is organized around seven big ideas: Creativity, Abstraction, Data and Information, Algorithms, Programming, the Internet and Global Impact.